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Work Experience Information

Work experience is an integral part of the Year 10 curriculum and provides an opportunity for young people to gain an insight into the ‘world of work' and to help prepare them for the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life.


Placements are defined as experience in which you carry out a range of tasks and duties more or less as would regular employees but with emphasis on the learning aspect of the experience. It is not intended to be training for your chosen career.


You will work normal business hours and could be asked by the employer to visit the placement before starting work.

For the week 14th July to 18th July 2014 students will have the opportunity to take up a work experience placement. Students are requested to keep these dates free of commitments. We suggest that arrangements are made well in advance to change any commitments, such as part time employment, should they clash with work experience hours.


Students are required to find their own placement and have been issued with a booklet to assist with the process. All placements are required to complete a work experience placement form and all placements are checked for their suitability by Mploy Solutions Ltd. Please note that placements need to be within the Trafford or Cheshire areas. As all placements are health and safety vetted, placements outside of these areas may incur a cost to parents/carers of up to £80 depending on the charge imposed from the out of area office undertaking the checks. Please note that we cannot authorise any placement outside of the UK nor can we authorise any placement that does not hold Employers Liability Insurance, this is the insurance that covers students whilst on work experience.


We ask that you help your son/daughter keep to any deadlines set, failure to adhere to deadlines could result in the placement not being authorised.

Please encourage your son/daughter to read through their booklet and to start looking for a placement as soon as possible.


Letters and documents on this page are in the Adobe PDF format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader you can download it from here.


NEW - Work Experience Booklet for Parents - click here.

NEW - Work Experience Booklet for Students - click here.

NEW - Work Experience self placement form for Students - click here.

NEW - Work Experience Booklet for Placement Providers (you may want to email this to the placement provider to look at so they can fully understand what they need to do before agreeing to take your son/daughter for work experience) - click here.

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