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Posted on: September 30th 2015

KS3 Students Create Stunning Art Installation 1

Walking through the new 6th Form Atrium you can not help but be impressed by the shimmering contemporary Art Installation. This stunning piece of artwork, which has taken 12 weeks from planning to installation, was created by artist Stella Corrall and our talented KS3 students.  
Stella delivered workshops to Year 7 students as part of the 2015 Active Learning Week. During the workshops students were introduced to the design brief, shown examples of Stella's work and found out about the process of manipulating extruded plastic and compression moulding.



Working in teams students then carefully knotted, twisted and plaited extruded plastic to create colourful panels and planned pattern ideas for the final installation.





Over the summer holidays Stella worked her magic. The panels were compression moulded into sheets, die cut into diamonds, to reflect the schools logo, and painstakingly threaded onto microcable to create the individual strands of the installation.

Samples of students' work before and after the compression moulding process.


Students admire the completed installation.