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Year 13 Recycling Centre visit

Posted on: February 8th 2017

Year 13 educational visit to Longley Lane Recycling Centre




As part of their studies on sustainable cities Year 13 have recently visited the Greater Manchester’s Mixed Recycling Centre, Longley Lane, Manchester. This was a most useful and informative trip and will certainly provide students with clear understanding when writing about waste management strategies within cities. From our tour round the site, students were able to see directly how waste from our homes is separated into different component parts and the processes involved in recycling these materials. This site deals with the mixed recycling from more than 1 million homes across Greater Manchester. The visit has also made us all consider very carefully about own recycling habits to ensure that all the correct materials are disposed of in the correct bin and the challenges this presents when people do not dispose of the correct materials in the correct bin.


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