International Links

International links

Sale Grammar School has been re-awarded the prestigious International School Award for the next 3 years thanks to its work in developing links across the globe. In order to achieve this re-award the school had to demonstrate its commitment to working with pupils abroad on curricular projects. As part of its commitment to community cohesion, Sale Grammar School has linked up with the Afritwin organisation to establish two links with secondary schools in South Africa - Bosmandams High School and Cravenby High School in Cape Town.

After a successful first year of twinning students have had the opportunity to exchange e-mails with students from our link schools as well as undertake international projects in a number of curriculum areas.

We are delighted to have established such a fantastic partnership that will enable students to appreciate and understand other cultures and expect this link to carry on enriching the global dimension of our curriculum.

Headteacher Mr. Smallwood visits Cape Town

During the February half term Headteacher Mr. Smallwood, accompanied by Miss Bradbury a teacher from Brooklands Primary School, travelled to Cape Town in South Africa. The aim of the trip was to visit our partner schools which were established through the AfriTwin organisation and to strengthen the bond between all schools as well as developing future joint curriculum projects.

As part of our commitment to strengthen our community links, Sale Grammar has formed a strong partnership with Brooklands, who are also twinned with Cravenby Primary School, and we look forward to working together on future projects which will benefit the pupils at both schools.

Mr Smallwood visited Bosmansdam High School and Cravenby High School spending two days at each to see the similarities and differences between the culture and environments of the two countries. It was also a great opportunity to see how pupils learn in South African schools and to exchange ideas and information about future projects.

Mr Smallwood talked to students and teachers, joined in with lessons and even taught a Year 9 English class which was aimed at helping create pen pal links with Year 9 students at Sale Grammar.

Mr Smallwood commented on the trip saying "I had a fantastic time. Everyone was really welcoming and they were well integrated schools. What I saw was the children working hard and aiming high which is what I want here at Sale Grammar."

At Cravenby, Mr. Smallwood attended the Presentation Evening and was asked to give a speech which went down a storm! Towards the end of March, three teachers from all schools will be coming over to Manchester, using a grant provided by the British Council, to see what life is like at Sale Grammar School and Brooklands Primary School.

During their stay they will deliver assemblies and work with some of our pupils to raise awareness of the links and to educate students at both schools about life in South Africa. They will also help launch our new eco project initiative together with a committed group of Sale Grammar School students.

Pupils at all schools will be involved in designing an eco garden to represent the global links with all schools sharing expertise and working together to produce a sustainable garden that will represent our global community.


Cape Town visits Sale Grammar School

Following Mr Smallwood's successful visit to South Africa, we have been fortunate enough to receive a return visit from three teachers from our South African partner schools. Funded by a grant awarded to Sale Grammar and Brooklands Primary School from the British Council, Magdel LeSueur from Bosmansdam High School, Mandy Matta and Naju Govender, both from Cravenby School, enjoyed the opportunity to join us at Sale Grammar and Brooklands Primary for a week long visit.

Students at both schools were treated to very informative assemblies where they learnt all about life at the Cape Town schools. The teachers also enjoyed observing lessons across a number of subject areas including Science, Maths, English and Humanities and even got the opportunity to join year 10 students on an Art trip to Manchester Museum.

They also had the opportunity to visit some of Manchester's famous sites such as Old Trafford and the Opera House. All the teachers were enthusiastic about their experience and have already delivered assemblies in their own schools on the visit. All were unanimous in their praise for Sale Grammar School pupils, highlighting their politeness and behaviour as being excellent.

We hope that this will be the first of many exchange visits involving teachers and, in future, pupils from all schools.