Science and Maths Projects

As a specialist Science school, Sale Grammar School strives to create a visible scientific ethos that is understood clearly by pupils, parents and the community, and which inspires and motivates.

We offer a variety of extra curricular activities in order to share resources and disseminate good practice with our partner schools and local businesses. A great deal has been achieved since we were awarded Science as a second specialism and we are excited about all of our future projects.

Algebra Workshop for teachers from feeder primary schools

As a specialist Science and Mathematics school, Sale Grammar aims to support primary school teachers in their delivery of the Mathematics curriculum. In late March, the school hosted a workshop for teachers from feeder primary schools. The focus of the workshop was developing ideas to teach algebra to Year 5 and 6 pupils. The participating staff were provided with a range of electronic resources to support their work in the classroom. The feedback from the workshop was very positive. Future training events are now being planned and during the summer term we will be running our Mathematics Challenge Days in several feeder primary schools. The Mathematics Challenge Days are suitable primarily for pupils in Years 5 and 6. If you would like us to visit your school to run a Mathematics Challenge event please contact the school.

Mathematics Challenge Activity Day

In response to requests from specific schools we have developed in conjunction with the University of Manchester a Mathematics challenge day suitable for pupils from KS2 and KS3. The first activity day involved thirty pupils nominated by local primary schools along with G&T Year 7 Mathematicians from Sale Grammar School. Our second event saw numbers increased to over forty pupils. Each event was supported by newly qualified Mathematics teachers from the University of Manchester and our own sixth form Mathematicians. Pupils were given the opportunity to work in teams on a series of fun yet challenging Mathematics problems ranging from Treasure Island to designing and testing catapults! The feedback from the days was very positive and more Mathematics challenge days are now being planned for later in the year. If you would like us to visit your school to run a Mathematics challenge event please contact the school.

Key Stage 2 Workshops

We are committed to local feeder primary schools and support primary school teachers with their delivery of the science curriculum. In response to requests from specific schools two practical workshops have been developed.

Exploring Habitats

Developed for Year 5 pupils from Moorlands Junior School and Tyntesfield Primary School. Pupils were given the opportunity to identify organisms present in a local pond in a ‘Pond dipping in the lab' workshop. They used datalogging equipment to measure various physical environmental factors. The data was then submitted to The Big Pond Dip - a project organised by Pond Conservation to gather information about the wildlife in garden ponds. They then used laptops to research the feeding relationships of the organisms present, constructed food chains using the organisms identified and displayed these using food chain mobiles.

Changing Sounds

Developed for Year 5 pupils from St Josephs. 64 pupils came into SGS to learn about sound and how we hear. They worked on their investigative skills to determine the best material for sound proofing using dataloggers and carried out activities to discover how sound travels through different mediums.

Both workshops received very positive feedback from both pupils and teachers. Both these workshops will be running again in the summer term and another will be developed, please contact Miss J. McIver to discuss any specific requests.