Whole School Initiatives

Welcome to our whole school community page. Here you will find recent whole school community initiatives that Sale Grammar School has been involved in and also upcoming whole school community events that may interest you.

During the school summer holidays, we run community summer schools targeted at students from Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. This summer we will be holding a 'Visual Arts Extravaganza'  and a 'Gifted & Talented Ceramics Workshop'.


November or should we call it ‘Movember' has seen a collection of male members of staff greeting each other in the corridors as they pass each other saying ‘Hi, Bro'. During break and lunchtimes, they could be seen huddled together discussing ..... what were they discussing exactly? All of them seemed to have one thing in common - a new moustache - so what was going on? In aid of research into prostate cancer, which unfortunately kills one man every hour in the UK, the ‘Bros' chose not to shave their top lips for the entire month. Whiskers started to become apparent after a few days and by the end of week two there was some rather impressive facial growth.

Determined and committed to the cause, despite most of them resembling either 80's TV star ‘Magnum PI' or a character from ‘Off the Buses'.

Their efforts saw over £2,000 being raised for the charity.

Maths teacher Mr. Bailey joined many of the staff who couldn't wait to get home on the 30th to remove the caterpillar from their faces.

Helping those in need

For people living in some of the world's poorest communities there is very little health care available. Poor living conditions and nutrition leave people vulnerable to disease, the physical, social and economic results of which can be catastrophic. For these people, even basic health care can be an unaffordable luxury.

Students in Years 8 and 9 were encouraged by representatives of the charity ‘Lepra' to raise £25 each, the amount required to save someone suffering from leprosy.

Overall £864.84 was raised

Wood Street Mission

Staff and students have demonstrated a generous and enthusiastic Christmas spirit in contributing to the Wood Street Mission Christmas Appeal this term. The charity seeks to support residents of Salford and Manchester, particularly women and children in financial difficulty. History teacher Mrs. Starkey brought the charity's Christmas Project to Sale Grammar School, providing an opportunity for students to take part in donating items of food and toys using the school as a collection point.

The success of the project is demonstrative of the altruism of the community and is a great credit to the school who have shown compassion and concern for the disadvantaged families living a matter of miles away.

Bake Off


Teachers went head to head recently to create the most scrumptious kind of sugar buns and sweet cakes they could in the "Great Sale Grammar School Bake-off". Of course it was all in aid of a good cause - every penny earned by selling the cakes and tickets to spectators was donated to Children in Need, to help children who are a lot less fortunate than ourselves. Carefully judged by the Headteacher, Catering Manager and Former Deputy Headteacher Mrs. Boyes, our winning team where Lauren Martin and Rachel Martin.

Race For Life

It would seem that there are budding athletes amongst our staff with a team of teachers from the Maths, Art and Design and Technology Departments having recently taken part in the ‘Race for Life' event at Tatton Park. Mrs. Adshead, Mrs.
Bedford, Mrs. Bleakley, Mrs. Cross, Mrs. Hayward and Mrs. Howarth had all trained rigorously for the race which saw them joining 3,000 other runners to raise important funding for research into cancer by Cancer Research UK.


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