The A-Level Music course offers a balanced approach to music which highlights all key disciplines within the subject: Performing, Composing and Appraising. There is no AS Level offered.

Summary of the A-Level Music Course

Component 1: Performing
A minimum of an 8 minute public recital performance on their chosen instrument/voice performed at least at Grade 7 standard. This is usually a solo recital, but can be an ensemble recital.

Recorded between March and May of the examination year. This is externally assessed and worth 30% of the course.

Component 2: Composing
Complete two compositions with a minimum time of 6 minutes to briefs set by the examination board. The first composition is a free choice or to a brief. The second composition is completion of two four part harmony exercises in the style of JS Bach

There is flexibility in the choice of compositions offered. This is externally assessed and worth 30% of the course

Component 3: Appraising
Assessment is through a final examination paper set and marked externally by the examination board.

The paper uses listening and written questions alongside excerpts of music. It assesses listening and aural skills, analysis and contextual understanding through listening questions, short answer and extended writing questions.

The content of examined material is based on both familiar and unfamiliar music studied throughout the duration of the course.
This is worth 40% of the course.

Music Facilities

We have a suite of 6 practice rooms, a recording studio, a rehearsal / studio space, a computer suite and a keyboard teaching room. These are available to book and use during private study periods and free time within the school day. Our 15 strong team of excellent peripatetic instrumental teachers are available for lessons each week.

Performance Opportunities

We run a rich and varied extra-curricular programme which is offered to all musicians at Sale Grammar School. All A-Level musicians are expected to participate in: Senior Choir, Production Band, String / Brass Group, Concert Band and Swing Band.

We hold termly recital evenings to showcase soloists and provide valuable performance experience. Annually we have a Young Musician competition, Battle of the Bands, Christmas Concerts, a Summer Concert and abroad concert tours including Lake Garda, Italy in 2015 and Germany in 2019.

We often participate in local community events including Music Festivals and concerts.

Entry Requirement 

You are expected to be at least Grade 5 standard on your instrument/voice at the start of the course.

If you have studied Music at GCSE we expect you to have achieved at least a Grade 7. It is helpful to have knowledge of Grade 5 music theory


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