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Over a period of two years, students will be following the AQA syllabi for Key Stage 4 in English Language and English Literature, leading to assessment in two subjects. A different grade can be achieved in both subjects. More background information about the syllabi can be found on the AQA website.

Students will be taught in mixed ability groups, and will keep the same English teacher for the duration of the course. They will be provided with the necessary stationery and text books. Full details of the set texts will be provided as students will benefit from having their own copy for the purposes of annotation.

Assessment is based on examinations which will take place at the end of Year 11. Students will sit some practice questions in Year 10 and will complete formal mock examinations in Year 11.


English Language

Students will prepare for two examination papers from the beginning of Year 10 onwards. Both papers will consist of reading and writing tasks and will cover the analysis of non-fiction and literary texts from the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty first centuries. Students will also be asked to write descriptively and persuasively.


The ability to analyse a range of texts effectively is important, as is the ability to write effectively for different purposes and audiences. Students must also write accurately and acquire and apply a wide vocabulary.


In addition to the written papers, students will complete a formal speaking and listening presentation which will be separately endorsed for spoken language.


English Literature

Students will prepare for two examination papers: one on Shakespeare and the 19th century novel; one on a modern text and poetry. Students will be required to answer essay questions based on extracts and on the texts as a whole. Texts will be chosen from a list provided by the AQA and include plays such as ‘Macbeth’ and novels such as ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. Modern texts will include ‘An Inspector Calls’. The AQA will provide a poetry anthology from which students will study 15 poems. These poems are thematically linked and written between 1789 and the present day. Students must also analyse two previously unseen poems as part of the final examination.


The skills of critical reading, literal and inferential comprehension and accurate, fluent writing will be developed during the study of the set texts.


Extra Support

During the course, staff will run additional revision and/or support sessions at lunchtimes and/or after school. Students will be provided with details of the appropriate revision guides they may wish to purchase in order to support them with their exam revision. Where possible and depending on availability, students will be taken to see live performances of any play they are studying.