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Posted on: October 3rd 2017

Tuesday 26th September, 2017

We were finally beginning rehearsals for Oklahoma 2018 with such an amazing cast. For this rehearsal we were going through the entrances of Curly and Will. It was fantastic to see how well we all immediately got on, despite perhaps having only met each other the previous Friday. It was exhilarating to think about being the first person on stage, even if I am just churning butter! As soon as I started however, I was upstaged by the dulcet tones of Tom ‘Curly’ Beswick’s (Year 12) voice.

The best part was everyone putting over their ideas to those on stage to improve and work together to make Oklahoma as brilliant as it should be. I appreciated the guidance of Holly ‘Chord Elam’ Turner (Year 13), an old hand at assistant directing, Miss ‘Lamis’ Alturk, a wonderful addition to the staff and Rob ‘Stage Manager’ Counsell (Year 12), who has taken on the role with such deft ability. It’s astonishing he hasn’t done this before.

It was also marvellous to have to such a mix of year groups involved. I could bond with students my age but also get to know some lower years a little better. For example, I didn’t know that it was Peter ‘Ike’ Palma’s (Year 10) birthday, nor that he had such a wayward sense of humour – he has such incredible comedic timing, it was quite endearing.

I’m unbelievably excited to start rehearsing songs and looking into how other performers have played Aunt Eller which I hope will help my confidence with my character. I honestly think that we are off to a brilliant start and I cannot wait to perform with this stunning and talented cast.

By Jess ‘Aunt Eller’ Cooper (Year 13)