The school will not discriminate unlawfully on the grounds of religion, sex, race, disability and sexual orientation in determining and applying its uniform and appearance code. 

The school will act reasonably in accommodating religious requirements, providing they do not pose a threat to security, safety and learning, or compromise the well-being of the whole school community. Where individual requirements have an impact in any of these areas, the Headteacher, in consultation with the Governing Body, will take appropriate action. 

Sale Grammar School has two uniform suppliers. Daywear can be purchased direct from John McHugh in Stretford Mall Shopping Centre and PE uniform can be bought from Kukri, a web based company where orders can be made online or by clicking here.  You can also purchase PE kit from Squirrel Sports shop at Lancashire County Cricket Club (NB shop not open on match days).

If you have an enquiry about any aspect of school uniform, please use our contact form and select school uniform from the recipients list. 

Kukri supply updated PE kit fabrics and designs for Year 7 students joining the school. Existing students may still wear their current sports kit but are welcome to replace these items with the updated fabrics from Kukri.

The following items of uniform are compulsory.

*Only available through school suppliers

• Black school blazer with school badge *
• Black trousers
• White school shirt (not a leisure shirt)
• School clip on tie which must be worn at all times*
• Black/grey/white socks
• Black sensible shoes (trainers, sport/leisure shoes are not allowed)

• Black school blazer with school badge*
• Black tailored trousers without manufacturer or designer logos, comfortably and loosely cut or
• Black straight skirt with identifying purple piping on pockets or SGS logo on skirt* or
• Black half-stitched box pleated skirt
• White school shirt (not a leisure shirt and not tight fitting)
• School clip on tie which must be work at all times*
• Black/grey/white socks/black tights
• Black sensible shoes (trainers, boots, high heels, platform shoes, leisure shoes/flat ‘dolly' shoes are not permitted.)

The items below are optional for both boys and girls

• Outdoor coats must be all one colour - either black, navy, grey or beige. Exceptions will be made where the coats have reflective markings as a safety measure. Denim, leather/imitation leather coats, hoodies, tracksuit tops and short blouson style jackets are not permitted. Manufacturer or designer logos must not be visible
• Key Stage 3 grey jumper with a purple stripe on the V neck
• Key Stage 4 black jumper with a grey stripe on the V neck
• Plain black jogging bottoms or piped track pants when outside
Key Stage 3 PE & Sport
It is compulsory for all pupils to wear the correct school/team kit when representing the school.

The following items are compulsory.

•White Polo shirt with purple piping*
•Badged 1/2 zip sweat top*
•Badged black football shorts*
•Black/purple stripe reversible sports shirt*
•Sports socks with school lettering*
•Plain white sports socks
•Football boots
•Change of underwear

•White Polo shirt with purple piping*
•Badged 1/2 zip sweat top*
•Badged black sports skirt*
•Badged black fitness shorts*
•Sports socks with school lettering*
•Plain white sports socks
•Plain black leotard (optional)
•Change of underwear

Students are advised to wear shin pads for rugby and hockey lessons and must wear them for football lessons, practices and games.

Well-fitted gum shields are advised for rugby and hockey. These can be ordered from school.
Long hair must be tied back in all lessons. Plimsolls or canvas pumps are not acceptable footwear for PE lessons.

*Only available through school suppliers
All uniform must be named.


PE Kit Suppliers Kukri GB Ltd operate a pop-up shop for sportswear/PE kit on the 1st Monday of each school holiday, at Sale Grammar School, as follows unless otherwise stated: 

Date: 23 October 2017

          21 December 2017 *Thursday

          12 February 2018

          09 April 2018

          29 May 2018 *Tuesday

          06 August 2018

Time:  10:00am – 2:00pm

Our suppliers addresses and contact details are:

Kukri GB Ltd
333 Ranglet Road
Walton Summit
Tel: 01772338899
You can also buy items of sportswear at Kukri's Shop situated at:

Squirrel Sports
Brian Statham Way
Lancashire Cricket Club
Old Trafford
M16 0PX
Tel: 0161 848 8611
Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
(NB not open on Match days)

John McHugh
10 King Street
(Old Post Office Building)
Stretford Mall Shopping Centre
M32 8AE
Tel: 0161 865 3142

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