Welcome to Sixth Form

We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form provision here at Sale Grammar School. Students who make up our Sixth Form have an exceptional education which is built on the same vision, values and virtues as the rest of our school. Our Sixth Form students relish the opportunities which are provided, enabling them to develop their own interests, lead across different areas of school life and build a range of skills which will allow them to be successful beyond our Sale Grammar School community.  Students are provided with a greater level of independence and responsibility whilst also being supported within a school environment and our strong Pastoral offer ensures that all students are known and that their needs are catered for.

There are approximately 380 students within our Sixth Form and whilst the majority of our students do choose to stay with us after their GCSEs, we do also welcome students from a range of different schools to join us. Students who join us in the Sixth Form from other schools state that they are very well supported to settle into life at Sale Grammar School, and there are additional opportunities for support from our Pastoral staff, should these be required. Students who have additional needs continue to be able to access our SEND provision and more information on our SEND provision can be found in the relevant section on the website.

“Students in the sixth form are given the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects. They appreciate the enthusiasm that teachers have for their subjects. Students reported that this makes them keen to learn.” OFSTED 2022.

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