The Extended Project Qualification is designed to showcase students’ abilities as Independent Learners.  Initially students will be taught the skills that they require to produce an outstanding project. During their EPQ they will develop skills such as; effective time management, how to conduct effective research and to be able to critically evaluate sources and evidence. 

Their project can be based on nearly anything and this encourages students to come up with their own research areas based on their own interests.

Over 4 timetabled lessons a fortnight in Year 12, students will complete their Extended Project Qualification. Students must complete the qualification within the same academic year. From this, our Centre will submit their marks to AQA in the November of Year 13 which will ensure students receive their final confirmed grade in the January of Year 13.

The EPQ is a qualification that is based solely on coursework. By the end of Year 12 students will have completed:

  •  Research into their chosen subject area
  • Critically evaluated key areas of research
  • Produced a 5000 word essay that is fully referenced OR an artefact and a 2000-word essay.
  • Planned, created and presented a 10 minute -presentation to their peers on their findings and EPQ process.
  •  Completed their logbook which effectively is a detailed account of their project from start to finish.