Values & Ethos

aspire act achieve

Sale Grammar School students will have access to high quality, creative and diverse curriculum opportunities, including enrichment and extension activities. An exciting curriculum is designed to enable all learners to attain and progress to study at an appropriate level of pace and challenge in order to achieve academic excellence.

Learners will be independent, confident, creative and aspirational, fully engaged in their learning to achieve outstanding academic results from ages 11 to 18.  They will have access to consistent, high quality teaching and will demonstrate a commitment to learning and self-improvement.

Students will be supported through a variety of learning experiences, underpinned by a caring and safe environment where students show responsibility for others.  They will have gained the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to succeed in their education, future employment and adult life.  All students will actively contribute to the life of the school, the learning of others and the needs of the wider community.

Sale Grammar School’s programme of community links enhances learning in the community as well as enriching the opportunities for students.  Students will develop an awareness of key global issues and the challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century to enable them to become responsible world citizens.  The community engagement programmes will touch all ages within our community, grow from our specialisms and ensure the school is well used as a community resource. 

We will follow a rigorous programme of monitoring, evaluation and review that is efficient and effectively supports achievement.  This programme will be based on a process of comprehensive evidence collection and the measurement of impact across the school.  These actions will continue to ensure that we provide a high quality, successful and aspirational educational experience for all students.