Travelling to and from school

The school is readily accessible to students with excellent public transport options 

We encourage students to walk to school and ask that you only use a car to bring your
child to school if there is no alternative. Please do not attempt to drop your child at the
main school gate or drive into the staff car park. Please drop your child at a safe
distance, away from the entrances and bus bays and do not do U-turns outside the
school entrances. We also request that you are considerate of the local residents by
refraining from blocking driveways and parking lines. This is for the safety of your child
and of other children in the school. Students are not allowed to park on the school site
and they are not permitted to use their car during the school day.

Bicycles may be brought to school provided they are roadworthy. Our school encourages safe cycling and allows students access to the school’s storage facilities. Bicycles should be padlocked with lights and pumps removed. Cycle helmets must be worn by all students on bicycles. In the interests of safety, students are not to use the main school entrance, which is reserved for staff and sixth form students only. Bicycles must not be ridden on the school premises, or on the pavement directly outside of school when they are leaving the premises.

The Public Transport Authorities have been informed of the times of the school day and of the number of students. They have made arrangements for the appropriate buses and continually reassess provision. There is a Sustainable Travel Map produced especially for Sale Grammar School available on the school website. Behaviour on buses is regularly monitored by the bus companies and school. Misbehaviour on buses can lead to bus companies withdrawing the right for your child to use their services. Bus timetables are available on (under bus times leaflet library and enter service number—can download as PDF or store on computer). For further information please contact TfGM on 0161 244 1000.

Students 16-18 can also apply for the TfGM Our Pass which allows them free travel in and around Manchester for more information please see


Rail Service 

Trainline offer a student railcard for 16-25 year olds to help students travel around the UK and save money on train tickets. With the student railcard you can save up to a third off train tickets, for more information please follow the link