The purpose of the Uniform & Appearance Policy is to ensure:

  • High standards of dress for all students
  • That everyone follows the same procedures to allow consistency of approach throughout the school
  • That high expectations are clearly communicated

Our aim is to work together to continuously improve standards of uniform in order to develop: an ethos of respect and consideration; a sense of community; self-discipline.

The Uniform & Appearance Code is based on the following key principles:

  • The school will not discriminate unlawfully in determining and applying its uniform and appearance code.
  • The school will act reasonably in accommodating religious requirements, providing they do not pose a threat to security, safety and learning, or compromise the well-being of the whole school community. Where individual requirements have an impact in any of these areas, the Headteacher in consultation with the Governing Body will take appropriate action.
  • The health and safety of students is paramount
  • The school is a safe and secure environment for all members of the school community
  • The need to promote a strong and cohesive school identity that supports high standards, and a commonality which ensures harmony and shared sense of purpose
  • The cost of uniform should not prevent any student from applying to the school or attending the school
  • In circumstances of financial hardship and on written request to the Headteacher, a contribution to the cost of uniform will be considered.  Students in who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding will be offered a financial contribution towards the cost of the uniform.
  • The school will also act reasonably in applying the Code by taking into account any permanent or temporary medical conditions which may constrain the wearing of certain items of uniform. In such circumstances, the Assistant Headteacher Mr Crane/Ms Mattox must be informed in writing of any such circumstances.


Uniform and Appearance

The following items of uniform are compulsory and all uniform must be marked with the student’s name.

Trouser Uniform

  • Black school blazer with school badge *
  • Black full-length trousers
  • White school shirt (not a leisure shirt and not tight fitting)
  • School clip-on tie which must be worn at all times*
  • Black/grey socks
  • Black sensible shoes (trainers, boots e.g. Doc Martins, high heels, platform shoes, sport/leisure shoes/flat ‘dolly’ shoes, canvas shoes e.g. Converse are not allowed)

Skirt Uniform

  • Black school blazer with school badge*
  • Black straight knee length skirt with identifying purple piping on pockets or SGS logo on skirt* OR

Black half-stitched box pleated knee length skirt – available from suppliers

  • White school shirt (not a leisure shirt and not tight fitting)
  • School clip-on tie which must be worn at all times*
  • Black/grey/socks/black tights – over the knee socks are not permitted
  • Black sensible shoes (trainers, boots e.g. Doc Martins, high heels, platform shoes, sport/leisure shoes/flat ‘dolly’ shoes, canvas shoes e.g. Converse are not allowed)

The items below are optional for all students

  • Outdoor coats must be all one colour – black, navy, grey or beige. Exceptions will be made where the coats have reflective markings as a safety measure. Denim, leather/imitation leather coats and short blouson style jackets are not allowed.  Manufacturer or designer logos must not be visible.
  • Grey sweater with purple stripe on v-neck*  Years 7-9
  • Black sweater with grey stripe on v-neck*  Years 10-11

*only available through the school suppliers


PE & Sport, Dance and Drama

It is compulsory for all students to wear the correct school/team kit when representing the school


Compulsory PE Kit Items

Badged white sports polo with purple stitching*

Badged black sports skirt* (specifically for netball PE lessons)

Black fitness shorts* (specifically for netball PE lessons)

Badged black football shorts* (specifically for football/rugby PE lessons)

Black/purple stripe reversible rugby shirt* (specifically for football/rugby PE lessons)

Badged ½ zip sweat top*

Sports socks with school lettering*

Plain white sports socks

Football boots (specifically for football/rugby)


Non Compulsory PE Kit Items

Plain black jogging bottoms or track pants or sports leggings are optional when outside

Plain black or white skins (base layers) are optional when outside


* These items are only available through school suppliers.


Students are advised to wear shin pads for rugby and hockey lessons and must wear them for football lessons, practices and games.

Well-fitted gum shields are strongly advised for rugby and hockey.  These can be ordered from school.

Long hair must be tied back. Plimsolls or canvas pumps are not acceptable footwear for PE lessons.

Any students who participate in sporting activities and suffer from any medical condition that requires medication e.g. asthma sufferers requiring an inhaler, must ensure that it is brought to all PE activities and is labelled with the student’s name.

All uniform must be named.

All uniform items, apart from sportswear, can be purchased from Monkhouse Stretford.  Our suppliers’ addresses and contact details are as follows: -


Monkhouse Stretford (formally John McHugh, Schoolwear)

The Old Post Office

10 King Street

Stretford Mall


M32 8AE

Tel: 0161 865 3142

Monday to Saturday 9.30am – 5.30pm (appointments only from mid June 2021)

Sunday 11.00am – 4.00pm (appointments only from mid June 2021)



Kukri Sports



PE kit/sportswear can be purchased from the online shop provided by our supplier Kukri Sports. In addition, Kukri Sports operate a pop-up shop for the purchase of PE kit/sportswear on one day of each school holiday, at Sale Grammar School.  Notification of dates will be sent by email to parents.

If you have an enquiry about any aspect of school uniform, please use our contact form and select School Uniform from the recipients list.


General Appearance


  • No jewellery is allowed e.g. earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, wristbands, (except a wristwatch, NB smart watches are not allowed.) Facial piercing and tongue studs are not permitted nor is any other piercing which is visible at any time including in PE/Sport e.g. on arms and hands. Visible tattoos are also not permitted.
  • Unconventional hairstyles, closely shaved heads, patterned hairstyles/eyebrows or unnatural colouring of hair or different colours in one style, are not acceptable. Long hair which presents health and safety issues must be tied back. 
  • Headscarves should be plain black.
  • Make-up, including nail varnish, gel and acrylic nails are not allowed.
  • No hoodies are allowed
  • Students carry considerable weight to and from school and sometimes during the school day.  The school bag should be a dark colour and as plain as possible with sturdy straps.  We advise a strong, waterproof, rucksack variety.  Fashion handbags and sport shoe bags are not appropriate.
  • Students may wear items of their own choosing for the prescribed Charity Day. However, dress must be sensible, not present health and safety risks and conform to standards of decency expected in a school environment. No jewellery is allowed.


Breach of the Uniform and Appearance Policy

  • It is the duty of all teaching staff and support staff (when supervising students) to enforce the Uniform and Appearance Policy throughout the day.
  • Where a student is deemed to be in breach of the Uniform and Appearance Policy, by failing to wear an appropriate item, they may be asked by the Headteacher or a person authorised by the Headteacher acting on their behalf, to return home, dress correctly and return to school (depending on the reason for the breach). Parental permission will be sought before students in Years 7 to 11 are sent home. Where this is not possible and where a replacement item cannot be provided by the school e.g. loan tie from Student Services, the student may be isolated on that day. Where purchase of an item of uniform is required account will be taken of order/purchase time.
  • Failure to comply with any request to act within 24 hours, where this is reasonable, will result in parental contact. Should the situation continue after parental contact, then this will be interpreted as intentional defiance of school rules and may result in a fixed term exclusion.
  • Where any student persistently breaches the Policy, then this will be deemed to be intentional defiance and may result in a fixed term exclusion.


Students in all years will be expected to conform to the Code when on the premises during these times

If you have an enquiry about any aspect of school uniform, please use our contact form and select school uniform from the recipients list. 

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