An Excellent Curriculum

At Sale Grammar School, we are passionate about the quality of our teaching and learning, and as such we invest heavily in the continuing professional development of all staff to ensure that we make the very best of every learning opportunity. Our classrooms are positive, engaging and challenging and we ask every student to develop a love of learning.

The result of careful and expert planning, and delivered by passionate classroom practitioners, our school curriculum is both creative and engaging, comprising a diverse range of learning experiences across a broad range of subjects.

Logically organised, shaped by meaningful links with our primary colleagues, and sequenced to ensure that students build both knowledge and cultural capital, our curriculum allows students to progress with confidence through each stage in their learning developing academically and personally.

Our curriculum is delivered in a school community that is built on working harmoniously together. As such, we expect students to learn in an environment that is positive, productive and respectful. Our expectations of behaviour and attitudes of our students are exceptionally high, and we expect, at all times, that students will learn with determination, and in a courteous manner.