Travel Information

We have an excellent bus service to transport our students to and from school.

Whilst the school can provide some information relating to bus timetables, more detailed information should be obtained from the bus operator.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has a proof-of-age card that allows young people to pay the ‘child fare’ when travelling on public transport click here for more information .

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) have made changes to school bus fares click here for more information.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) have introduced a half price 16-18 get me there bus ticket click here for more information.

With effect from September 2018


The following bus services run close by - more details can be found at

Manchester Community service 18 - Wythenshawe, Baguley, Northern Moor, Sale, Stretford, Urmston, Davyhulme

Arriva service 19 – Wythenshawe, Baguley, Northern Moor, Sale, Ashton upon Mersey, Woodheys, Broadheath, Altrincham

Arriva Service 19A - Wythenshawe, Baguley,Northern Moor, Sale

First service 41 – Manchester, West Didsbury, Northenden, Northern Moor

Diamond Bus service 272 – Eccles, Stretford, Sale,Brooklands, Baguley, Wythenshawe

Diamond Bus service 281 – Altrincham, Broadheath, Stamford Brook, Timperley, Brooklands, Sale

Manchester Community service X5 – Stockport, Sharston, Northenden, Northern Moor

Additionally specific schoolday only services also serve the school as follows:

Stagecoach service 781 – Withington, Northenden

Selwyns Travel service 782 – Bowdon Vale, Hale, Timperley, Broomwood

Diamond Bus service 783 – Broadheath, Ashton upon Mersey

Changes to schoolday only services from 1 September 2018

Service 781 – retimed to improve punctuality and will be operated by Stagecoach of Selwyns.

Service 782 – retimed to improve punctuality.

Changes to schoolday only services from 25 February 2019

Service 781 - retimed to run up to 10 minutes earlier to improve punctuality.

Withington / Northenden

Service 781

TfGM Contract: 0436 TfGM Contract: 0436
Minimum Capacity: 90 Minimum Capacity: 90
Operator Code: STG Operator Code: STG
Withington, St Cuthbert’s Church  07:36 Sale Grammar School   15:25
Palatine Road/Barlow Moor Rd  07:45 Northenden, Health Centre  15:35
Northenden, Health Centre    07:56 Palatine Road/Barlow Moor Rd 15:42
Sale Grammar School 08:15 Withington, St Cuthbert’s Church   15:48
Service 781 route: From Withington, St Cuthbert’s Church via Palatine Road, Sale Road, Wythenshawe Road, Northenden Road, Norris Road, Brooklands Road, Marsland Road to Sale Grammar School.
Returning from Sale Grammar School via Marsland Road, Northenden Road, Old Hall Road, Baguley Road, Northenden Road, Sale Road, Wythenshawe Road, Palatine Road to Withington, St Cuthbert’s Church.

Bowdon / Hale / Timperley / Broomwood

Service 782

TfGM Contract: 0515 TfGM Contract: 0515
Minimum Capacity: 49 Minimum Capacity: 49
Operator Code: SEL Operator Code: SEL
Bowdon, Cavendish Road 07:30 Sale Grammar School 15:25
Hale, Queens Road 07:36 Broomwood, Aimson Road East 15:33
Stockport Road/Hare & Hounds 07:50 Stockport Road/Hare & Hounds  15:43
Broomwood, Aimson Road East  08:02 Hale, Queens Road 15:52
Sale Grammar School  08:15 Bowdon Vale, Cavendish Road 16:01



Service 782 route:  From Bowdon, Cavendish Road via The Firs, Church Bow, Langham Road, Ashley Road, Hale Road, Delahays Road, Thorley Lane, Stockport Road, Wood Lane, Thorley Lane, Mainwood Road, Greystoke Avenue, Aimson Road East, Shaftesbury Avenue, Brooklands Road, Norris Road, Derbyshire Road South, Marsland Road to Sale Grammar School.

Returning from Sale Grammar School via Marsland Road, Derbyshire Road South, Norris Road, Brooklands Road, Shaftesbury Avenue, Aimson Road East, Greystoke Avenue, Mainwood Road, Thorley Lane, Stockport Road, Wood Lane, Thorley Lane, Delahays Road, Hale Road, Ashley Road, Langham Road, Richmond Road, Stamford Road, The Firs to Bowdon, Cavendish Road.

Broadheath / Ashton upon Mersey

Service 783

TfGM Contract: 1189 TfGM Contract: 1189
Minimum Capacity: 23 Minimum Capacity: 23
Operator Code: DIA Operator Code: DIA
Broadheath, Post Office     07:46 Sale Grammar School    15:25
Washway Road/The Drive 07:54 Manor Avenue/Carrington Lane 15:34
Firsway (The Brigadier) 08:02 Firsway (The Brigadier) 15:37
Manor Avenue/Carrington Lane    08:05 Washway Road/The Drive 15:45
Sale Grammar School 08:15 Broadheath, The Navigation 15:55
Service 783 route: From Broadheath, The Post Office via Sinderland Road, Craven Road, Barlow Road, Turnbull Road, Stamford Brook Road, Manchester Road, Washway Road, Woodhouse Lane, Manor Avenue, Cherry Lane, Firsway, Manor Avenue, Carrington Lane, Harboro Road, Harboro Way, Marsland Road to Sale Grammar School.

Returning from Sale Grammar School via Marsland Road, Harboro Way, Harboro Road, Carrington Lane, Manor Avenue, Firsway, Cherry Lane, Manor Avenue, Woodhouse Lane, Washway Road, Manchester Road, Stamford Brook Road, Turnbull Road, Barlow Road, Craven Road, Sinderland Road to Broadheath, Post Office.