Travel Information


Sale Grammar School encourages students who may wish to cycle to school as it improves their health and fitness and reduces traffic congestion, making conditions safer for everyone.  However, responsibility for whether your child is competent to negotiate such hazards, as may present themselves on the route from home to school and back, must be yours and yours alone. Sale Grammar School does not accept liability for any consequences of that decision.

Parents are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover as the school’s insurance does not cover loss or damage to bicycles.

Students are strongly advised to wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet and use appropriate reflective clothing and bike lights when visibility is poor.

Conditions for cycling to school

  • All bicycles must be in a roadworthy condition
  • Students must ride sensibly and follow the Highway Code
  • Students must be willing to complete a basic cycling certificate
  • Cyclists must dismount and wheel their bicycle when on paths or school grounds
  • All bicycles must be locked securely in the approved cycle parking area

It is important that we know the number of students cycling to school even on an irregular basis, in order that we can make appropriate security and safety arrangements.

If you wish your child to cycle to school, please complete the Cycling Agreement Form by clicking here.

Bus Services

We have an excellent bus service to transport our students to and from school.

Whilst the school can provide some information relating to bus timetables, more detailed information should be obtained from the bus operator.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has a proof-of-age card that allows young people to pay the ‘child fare’ when travelling on public transport click here for more information .

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) have made changes to school bus fares click here for more information.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) have introduced a half price 16-18 get me there bus ticket click here for more information.

With effect from September 2019


The following bus services run close by - For the latest timetable information go to

Moss Side / Northenden

Service 781

TfGM Contract: 0087 TfGM Contract: 0087  
Minimum Capacity: 85 Minimum Capacity: 85  
Operator Code: STG Operator Code: STG  
Moss Side Yew Tree Road 07:17 Sale Grammar School   15:25  
Withington, Library 07:26 Sharston Green 15:42  
Didsbury, Village 07:33 Gatley Station  15:48  
East Didsbury, Station 07:39 East Didsbury Station 15:54  
Gatley, Station 07:48 Didsbury Village 16:00  
Sharston Green  07:54 Withington Library 16:07  
Sale Grammar School 08:15 Moss Side Yew Tree Road 16:17  

Service 781 route: From Moss Side, Yew Tree Road/Claremont Road via Yew Tree Road, Mauldeth Road West, Wilmslow Road, Kingsway, Gatley Road, Altrincham Road via Sharston Green, Sharston Road, Longley Lane, Palatine Road, Sale Road, Northenden Road, Marsland Road to Sale Grammar School.


Returning from Sale Grammar School via Marsland Road, Northenden Road, Old Hall Road, Baguley Road, Northenden Road, Sale Road, Palatine Road, Moor End, Longley Lane, Sharston Road via Sharston Green, Altrincham Road and reverse of above to Moss Side, Yew Tree Road/Claremont Road.

Hale Barns/ Hale / Timperley / Broomwood

Service 780/782

TfGM Contract: 0511 TfGM Contract: 5046 0079
Minimum Capacity: 70 Minimum Capacity: 52 90
Operator Code:


Operator Code: BEV STG
Service Number: 782 Service Number: 780 782
Hale Barns, High Elm Road 07:16 Sale Grammar School 15:24 15:25
Hale Barns, Booths 07:19 Timperley, Stonemasons Arms 15:32  
Hale, Bowling Green 07:27 Delaheys Road/Grove Lane 15:37 15:38
Delaheys Road/Grove Lane 07:36 Hale, Bowling Green 15:43  
Timperley, Stonemasons Arms 07:44 Hale Barns, Booths   15:45
Sale Grammar School  08:00 Hale Barns, St Ambrose College 15:52 15:52

Service 782 route: From Hale Barns, Hale Road/High Elm Road via Hale Road, Park Road, Ashley Road, Victoria Road, Hale Road, Delaheys Road, Thorley Lane, Stockport Road, Brooklands Road, Norris Road, Derbyshire Road South, Marsland Road to Sale Grammar School.

Returning from Sale Grammar School Derbyshire Road South, Norris Road, Brooklands Road, Shaftesbury Avenue, Thorley

Lane, Delaheys Road, Hale Road, High Elm Road, Chapel Lane, Wicker Lane to St Ambrose College.

Service 780 route: from Sale Grammar School via Marsland Road, Derbyshire Road South, Norris Road, Brooklands Road, Stockport Road, Thorley Lane, Delaheys Road, Hale Road, Victoria Road, Ashley Road, Park Road, Arthog Road, Bankhall Lane, Broad Lane, Hawley Lane, Wicker Lane to St Ambrose College.

Bowdon Vale / Bowdon / Hale / Altrincham / Oldfield Brow / Broadheath

Service 783

TfGM Contract: 1059 TfGM Contract:   1059
Minimum Capacity: 45 Minimum Capacity:   45
Operator Code: GOO Operator Code:   GOO
Service Number: 783 Service Number:   783
Bowdon Vale, Priory Road 07:30 Sale Grammar School      15:25
Hale, Ashley Road/Stamford Road 07:34 Broadheath, Barlow Road   15:40
Oldfield Brow, Post Office 07:47 Oldfield Brow, Post Office   15:55
Broadheath, Barlow Road 08:00 Hale, Ashley Road/Stamford Road   16:06
Sale Grammar School 08:15 Bowdon Vale, Priory Road   16:12

Service 783 route: From Bowdon Vale, Priory Road terminus via Priory Road, Vicarage Lane, Langham Road, Ashley Road, Railway Street, Regent Street, Booth Road, Hartley Road, Oldfield Road, Taylor Road, Stamford Avenue, Seamons Road, Oldfield Road, Manchester Road, George Richards Way, Craven Road, Barlow Road, Turnbull Road, Stamford Brook Road, Manchester Road, Washway Road, Marsland Road to Sale Grammar School.

Service 783 from Sale Grammar School via Marsland Road, Washway Road, Manchester Road, Stamford Brook Road, Turnbull Road, Barlow Road, Craven Road, George Richards Way, Manchester Road, Oldfield Road, Taylor Road, Stamford Avenue, Seamons Road, Oldfield Road, Manchester Road, Barrington Road, Stamford New Road, Railway Street, Ashley Road, Langham Road, Vicarage Lane, Priory Road to Bowdon Vale, Priory Road terminus.