Health and Wellbeing

Most teenagers will experience emotional ups and downs at some point whilst they are at secondary school. This is entirely normal and an important part of growing up.  However we all need some extra help and advice at times.  The resources in this section offer advice and information about a range of issues, which we hope you find helpful.  The first section is for those who are feeling the pressure of exams - always something to be aware of at this time of year in particular.

exam stress

Almost the end of another year and exams for Y11s and Y13s. Exam time is upon us and what is for many young people a stressful time. Here are some key links, covering a wide-range of tips to keep mentally healthy.

All The Revision and Exam Tips You’ll Ever Need

Exam Stress and Pressure (Childline)

Countdown to exams (BBC Bitesize)

Supporting Your Child During Exam Time (Young Minds)



Every local authority must identify education, health and social care services in their local area provided for children, young people and families who have Special Educational Needs or who are Disabled (SEND).

Local offer means all the services and organisations which are part of the support on offer in Trafford. They include information about services provided outside the Trafford local area that local people are likely to use. 

You can access the local offer online via the Trafford Directory or by phone or post by contacting the Family Information Service .

There is also an outreach team who meet families and professionals in the community and you can request they come along to community groups and networking events if you think this would be useful.


Talkshop is a specialist advice and information service for young people aged between 13 and 19 years old. Based at Sale Waterside, they aim to support the needs of young people through offering a variety of services in a young person friendly environment
0161 912 2453

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