Health and Wellbeing

Sale Grammar School is committed to providing all our young people with an excellent educational experience so that they can go on to lead both happy and successful lives. We place a strong emphasis on creating an environment in which students feel both safe and secure, as we believe that this will help them to thrive. To support this, we place personal and social development at the heart of our educational offer, ensuring that our students have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of themselves and others, that they learn how to keep themselves safe and how they can make a positive contribution to both their local community and society as a whole.

Our school values of ‘aspire, act, achieve’ are at the heart of all we do. Our ‘Skills for Life’ curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage the world around them and covers a range of different components including: Health and Wellbeing, Future Self (including Careers), Relationships education, Study Skills, Keeping Safe and aspects of Citizenship education. This curriculum enables our students to develop a greater awareness of the role that they play within their local community and society as a whole, and an understanding of how their decisions will impact on their future and the futures of others. In addition to this, students are also offered a range of extra-curricular opportunities, trips and visits which further support their development.

We create a culture of vigilance around safeguarding, but our approach is both preventive and reactive. We encourage our students to use social skills in different contexts and to learn how to work with others in a range of different situations. Through our work across a range of areas we develop their moral skills by enabling them to recognise right from wrong, understand consequences of actions and be able to evaluate both moral and ethical issues. We develop our pupils’ spiritual understanding through teaching them about different beliefs and reasons why individuals may choose to believe, or not believe. We also encourage them to develop and discover both themselves and the world around them. We develop cultural opportunities and experiences for our pupils and provide them with a range of opportunities to participate in these and to accept, respect and celebrate cultural diversity. A wide range of examples can be seen on our Twitter feed.

We are committed to enabling our students to ensure that they understand how to keep themselves safe and healthy. We work to support charities such as ‘Young Minds’ in order to promote the need to talk about mental health. The school also has staff who are trained as mental health first aiders and there are a variety of opportunities to promote mental health discussions and to support mental health awareness across the school. The school nurse and the school counselling services are also available to pupils who wish to discuss other issues that they may be experiencing. In addition to this, we also have excellent relationships with external agencies and charities who deliver other aspects of our curriculum and offer further support so that our students are well supported in their understanding of key issues.  

If you would like to get in touch about any aspect of the school’s work, or you wish to discuss any aspect in relation to your child, then please do speak to your child’s Head of Progress and Learning.