Volunteer In The Community

An expectation to volunteer and contribute to the wider community

Running vertically through the pastoral year groups, our Hall Community is a fantastic vehicle for character education and personal development at Sale Grammar School.

We champion four Halls: Carington, Deva, Massey and Salix. Each is led by a Hall Coordinator; overarching leadership falls within the auspices of the Faculty Leader for Personal Development. Each student is affiliated with a Hall throughout their entire school life at Sale Grammar School, by virtue of their form in Year 7.

Every fortnight Hall Assemblies bring together students from Years 7 to 11 in the School Hall to celebrate the very best of our collective achievements; in addition to Hall Points and Superstars, which form the basis of our School Rewards Policy, students’ achievements in relation to competitions, enrichment activities and extra-curricular activities are celebrated and championed.

A vehicle for student leadership also, each Hall Coordinator is supported by a Sixth Form Hall Captain, a Hall Council, Charity and Sport Leaders, and Sixth Form Pastoral Mentors. Truly, the Hall Community brings together the very best of character education at Sale Grammar School, and a significant element of this work relates to volunteering and the contribution to the wider community.

Fundraising throughout the year reaches a climax with the Hall Charity Day, and working together, students volunteer their time to develop activities to support charities nominated and voted for by the students themselves. It is through this wonderful charity work that we promote altruistic values and virtues to all our students.

Beyond the Hall System, students at Sale Grammar School also engage with external agencies such as the National Citizenship Scheme, and through our extensive Student Leadership Programme our school community is alive with students giving up their time in their roles as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Pastoral Mentors, Academic and Subject Mentors. To be a Sale Grammar School student is to flourish in every aspect of school life; a key element of this is devoting time to support others within our school community. This important school value allows all students to help each other as we strive to Aspire, Act and Achieve.