We are extremely proud, at Sale Grammar School, of the ambitious and challenging curriculum that we provide to all students; a curriculum that we believe allows all students to achieve academic excellence, in a positive community that engenders respect and engagement, and supports personal development.

We ask all of our students to Aspire, Act and Achieve; this, our school motto, challenges students to have the determination and ambition to be the very best that they can be, to fulfil their potential, and to contribute as fully as possible to the school, and the wider community.

Our school values of Aspire, Act. Achieve are at the heart of all we do and underpin Sale Grammar School Virtues of: Kindness, Community, Respect, Perseverance, Curiosity and Creativity. Through these we ensure that all students and staff feel that they belong to our school community and understand how they can contribute to it to make Sale Grammar School a great place to live and work in.

Within our school community we want all of our students to flourish and we are passionate in delivering a curriculum that allows every student to develop the character virtues that will allow them to do so, and so allow them to achieve the highest potential in life.

Our school curriculum supports this ethos by providing creative and diverse opportunities that enable all of our students to: attain and progress at an appropriate pace and challenge; to achieve their own academic excellence; and; to develop character virtues and personal skills that will prepare our students for the next stage in their lifelong learning and allow them to flourish.

Our school curriculum is delivered within a community committed to continuing staff development, and passionate about delivering the highest quality teaching and learning to our students from ages 11 to 18, across three key stages. We have developed our Teaching and Learning Policy, which supports both the academic development of our students and their personal development. We have an ethic of excellence in everything we do, and we challenge every student to develop a love of learning. As such we aspire for every student to learn within positive, vibrant and challenging classroom environments where the very best is made of every opportunity, and where both students and teachers work together harmoniously.

Beyond the classroom, our school curriculum provides diverse, exciting and creative opportunities for all students to engage in enrichment and extra-curricular activities. We firmly believe in the crucial role that enrichment activities play in the personal development of our students, and a comprehensive extra-curricular programme comprises a key element of our curriculum.

We believe that our curriculum at Sale Grammar School provides wonderful opportunities to develop personally and academically, allowing every student to go on to live happy and successful lives.