Personal Development, Health and Wellbeing

A strong personal development, health and wellbeing offer

We are extremely proud of our school community, the positivity of the relationships that we foster and develop with each other, and our school values that place personal, character development at the heart of everything we do.

We challenge every student to Aspire, Act and Achieve. Whilst this demands the development of individual and personal character virtues and traits, through our six Sale Grammar School Values we ensure that every student understands their role within the wider school community; our belief is that by working together we can support each other to flourish and be the very best they can be.

Our pastoral curriculum at Sale Grammar School embodies our ethos of community, identity and belonging. Students are grouped pastorally in year group forms, and following a specialist transition Form Tutor in Year 7, students remain with the same Form Tutor throughout their school life from Year 8 to Year 11, forging positive and strong relationships with their peers and their Form Tutor. The sense of pastoral community, identity and belonging is important.

Our Skills for Life Curriculum, delivered in discrete lessons within the student timetable provides expert and age-appropriate information and guidance to all students, broadly categorised into economic and personal and health wellbeing. Within these two broad areas students receive valuable personal development education comprising Relationships, Sex and Health Education, and, Careers Education, Information and Guidance. Sequenced expertly to build knowledge and personal skills, this personal development curriculum is aligned to our Sale Grammar School Values, and in doing so, we ensure that we consistently deliver positive and meaningful guidance that develops the character of each student, allowing them to flourish in their education and their life.

Our understanding and belief in the importance of our personal development curriculum is epitomised by the fact that we have established this as a key Faculty within the school. A Head of Personal Development oversees our character education across the school and cohesively plans and brings together each crucial element of our work to ensure that the sum is far greater than the parts. This role encompasses the leadership of: Personal, Health and Wellbeing; Economic Wellbeing; the Hall Community; the Student Leadership Programme; and; the Extra-Curricular and Enrichment Programme.

Beyond the formal pastoral structures, and the curriculum leadership, every student at Sale Grammar School is supported by a wide range of supplementary support programmes including but not limited to the School Nurse, the School Counselling Service, and our expert association with a wide range of external agencies.

The personal and character development of all students at Sale Grammar School is fundamental part of our school, and it allows our students to flourish and achieve their academic excellence and potential as a result. We are extremely proud of our school community as a result.