In School Support

We believe in working in partnership in order that we can provide the very best educational experience for all our students.

If you need any additional support, or you wish to speak to us about your child, then we ask you to contact your child’s Head of Progress and Learning in the first instance. They know your child then best and will be able to answer your query, or direct you to the best place for support in most instances. Please follow the links below:

Heads of Progress and Learning

Year 07 Miss J Langford
Year 08 Mrs E Adamson
Year 09 Ms J McIver
Year 10 Miss F Cooper
Year 11 Mr V Starbuck
Year 12 Mrs S Howarth
Year 13 Miss C Davies


If you would like to speak to our Designated Safeguarding Lead or have a question about a Looked After/Previously Looked After Child, then please contact our DSL Mr John Reynolds on

Our School Counsellor

We appreciate that at times, some students may require additional support. As part of our commitment to our students’ health and wellbeing, we employ a school counsellor. There is an in-school referral process in place, however, should you wish to discuss this offer, further information can be obtained from your Head of Progress and Learning or click here for further details.

Our School Nurse

Every student is able to access support from the school nursing team. This is a confidential service which runs within the school, providing students with an opportunity to discuss aspects relating to their health and wellbeing with the school nursing team.

Other External Agencies who can offer support

We are always available for you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your child. However, we also realise that it is always helpful to have a list of external organisations who are available to offer support to both you and your child both now and in the future. We have therefore collated some links to relevant organisations which you may find useful. Click here for further details.

Please can we also remind you that should you have any questions at all, then please do get in touch with us. The school has a range of different support mechanisms that it can put in place and we are happy to discuss these with you and your child.