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Condover residential 2017

Posted on: November 3rd 2017

On a blistery Wednesday afternoon in October, 190 students and staff made their way to Condover Hall in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, for the annual Induction Residential trip.  Upon our arrival, students were greeted by very enthusiastic Condover activity group leaders, who quickly got the groups together to establish their "sound off" routine (an exciting version of a register) before setting off on a tour of the Condover site. An afternoon of activities then ensued, followed by a three-course meal with extra fruit and salad available (just in case). The evening activity comprised of either the disco or campfire, then it was lights-out for a good night's sleep as students eagerly anticipated a whole day of fun the following day. Thursday did not disappoint, and even a torrential downpour in the afternoon was not enough to deter our eager year 7s as they conquered the climbing wall, became accomplished archers, and mastered the art of buggy-building while covered head to toe in mud. Somehow students were able to use the 15 minutes between activities to shower and change out of their wet clothes ready to get muddy and rained on again, and the rain eventually stopped in time for the evening activity (just enough for the campfire to stay lit at least!) The sun rose on the Friday morning to an eerily quiet Condover hall; an encouraging sign that students had been suitably worn out the day before. Unfortunately, tiredness is not an option while at Condover Hall; there was fencing to feud, aerial trek to trek and circus skills to perform, so after fuelling up on a hearty breakfast, students completed their final activity, before bidding farewell to their activity group leader. 60000 steps after leaving Sale Grammar School on the Wednesday, students returned with smiles on their faces, bags within bags of wet clothes, a wealth of new friends, ready for a well-earned half-term break.

‘Condover Hall’ by a Year 7 student

Condover Hall is now a ride away,

We sit in anticipation and wait.

Now here stands the place where we all will stay.

Rush to your cabins, we cannot be late!

‘Potatoes of justice’ we all shout!

Dive into the activities, find the fun.

At night by the fire, talents are out.

I’m scared of heights, yet it is still done.

Amazed am I from the beauty around

Disco time is here, let’s all go and dance

Go to the vending machines and spend a pound.

It’s bedtime now, lights out, don’t take a chance.

In the morning we have to go. Why!

Glance back one more time and then say




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