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Year 10 Manchester Museum Trip

Posted on: December 2nd 2019

Year 10 students enjoyed a day of exploring and drawing from Manchester Museum's displays as part of their GCSE Art course work.  Drawing and understanding the shapes, textures, pattern and detail contained within the diverse exhibits of fossils, sealife, birds, giant bugs, skeletons and animals provided students with inspirational source material from which they will develop individual art work back in the art studios.  We also enjoyed an engaging insight to 'behind the scenes at the Museum' with entomologists Dmitri and Rachel.  They shared their experiences of developing the Museum's current exhibit Beauty and The Beasts which displays exhibits from the insect collection alongside human creative responses from a range of different cultures and times.  Both Dmitri and Rachel shared their experiences of what it means to them to work in entomology in practice and how they were inspired to follow their interests and passions when developing their career path.

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