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'Made for Travel' Exhibition at Manchester Airport

Posted on: March 5th 2020

As part of the school’s Design and Technology industry links program, students ­­in Year 8 and 9 have been working towards creating a collection of work to be exhibited at Manchester Airport.

The collection of work is based around the theme ‘Made for Travel’, with each area of Design and Technology creating different products.  As ever, all of our students have worked extremely hard to finish their products to a high standard.

  • Textiles students have designed and made embellished tote bags to include CAM embroidery.
  • Resistant Materials students have made a wooden toy based on airport vehicles/vehicles in other countries.
  • Graphics students have used high level graphic design skills to draw a stationery package using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Electronics students made laser cut fascia’s, then went on to solder a micro-controlled circuit to light the fascia with LEDs.
  • Food students researched into bread from other countries and made their own, captured on camera for the exhibition.

The exhibition was opened last week at the airport with a group of students presenting their learning journey to a small audience; a ribbon was cut and students enjoyed looking at the work on display.

If you would like to visit the exhibition, make your way to Terminal 3 and look for signs to the ‘Art Walk’. The exhibition will run until the end of June.

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