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Make it and Bake it Summer 2016

Posted on: September 9th 2016

In the first week of the Summer holidays Miss Walsh, Miss Sutcliffe and Mrs Booth were joined by 10 Key Stage Three students for the Summer Make it and Bake it.  Both staff and students had a great three days, creating a number of new products and experimenting with a range of making techniques and materials.

Students made a textile bag, experimented with felting techniques, manufactured a laser cut acrylic and straw box, and created colourful laser-cut letters. In true ‘Bake Off’ style there was serious competition to see who baked the best Victoria sandwich cake. In fact, they all looked delicious!

On the final day the group cooked in teams to create a lovely celebration lunch, which included a selection of skillfully made food including homemade pizza, tear and share bread, paté, guacamole and savoury pastries.

For Jay and Luke, it was their last Make it and Bake it, as they move into Year 10 in September. We wish them the best of luck with their GCSE courses.

It was a super way to start the Summer holidays and both staff and students had a very enjoyable few days.

Mrs Booth

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