Governor Ballot Voting

Statement from Mrs Rizwana Arshad

I work part-time as Senior Account Manager/Credit Controller for StreetCars Manchester Limited, where daily I meet a new challenge working alone or within a team. I, help steer and advise staff that are new to the field and are willing to learn, allowing me to further develop my personal communication skills and demonstrate an open mindedness to giving others a chance.

I am an active Parent Governor at my younger children's Primary School and have held this post successfully for 4years. Fully understanding the commitment and time required to fulfil my role working alongside the school and parents.

As already having a vast experience of being on a Governing Body, I feel I will be able to bring fresh new ideas and a willingness to work alongside the existing team/board members to continue to improve and build on the Schools betterment for all children/staff.

As a parent it will allow me the opportunity to work side by side with the school and be that critical friend, supporting it through all challenges that may arise. As well as listening to all the views and opinions of other Parents from different backgrounds.

To meet other criteria within the role I am willing to partake in any training required.


Statement from Mr Neil Downie

I am currently parent governor at Elmridge Primary where I am also vice-chair. I have held this position for 4 years, however this will be my last year with a child at the school. I have found the role extremely enlightening and am continually astounded by the volume of work required in maintaining high standards of education.

For over 10 years I ran my own IT business providing bespoke web development solutions to health services and police forces which required security clearance to the highest level. From there, I turned my hand to photography, a childhood love, and have been an award winning freelance professional photographer for coming up to 10 years serving commercial business needs, providing fine art wall hangings to consumers, supplying training and leading workshops around the world.

Experience running my own businesses has allowed me to develop comprehensive skills in the areas of finance, customer service and delivery, along with a set of strong communication and listening skills, all of which I believe will help me make a positive contribution in the role of Parent Governor. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the school’s work in my current role with Elmridge Primary, which is striving to provide outstanding education and pastoral care in a challenging and rapidly changing environment.


Statement from Mrs Victoria Hole

I am a Sale resident and have lived in Trafford for most of my life. I work at Sale Grammar School as the ICT/Finance Administrator, part of the ICT Team. The key part of my role is to liaise with parents and provide support with ICT aspects of school such as ParentPay, Schoolcomms, and the new SIMS Parent App and Parental Portal. My role enables me to speak to parents on a regular basis, and to share opinions and suggestions with members of staff gained from those discussions. As Finance Administrator, I appreciate how the school runs within funding limits. My daughter attends SGS and so being both a parent and an employee of the school gives me a unique insight and understanding of how the school operates. I was a member of the PTA Committee at my daughter's Primary school, so I have experience and understanding of how Trafford schools operate across the age ranges. In previous roles I have worked for large, multinational companies and a well known bank. More recently my roles have been PA roles. Prior to this I lead many Process Improvement projects for a large utility company. These projects involved setting objectives, and reviewing progress against both targets and budgets. Recently, my husband and I have begun our own business, and so I have gained knowledge in HR/Pensions/Health and Safety and Marketing. I will be leaving my current position at SGS shortly to take up my role as Director of our own business. My key skills are communication, organisation, analysis, negotiation skills and I relish working as a member of a team.

Having been a 'parent member of staff' at SGS for some time, I am keen to further enhance my relationship with the school by becoming a Governor. I have a great deal of respect for all staff at the school and would relish the opportunity to support them further. Having contact with parents on a regular basis, I feel that I would be fully able to represent views and opinions and to help shape Sale Grammar School in the future. My organisational and process improvement skills would enable me to ensure that the School Development Plan is upheld and to bring additional success to the school by helping the Board of Governors bring about greater efficiency and effectiveness across the school. I aspire to be a worthy parent governor, I will act to help all staff and students fulfill the Mission and Vision of the school, and to help the school achieve even greater success.


Statement from Mr John Joyce-O’Keeffe

I am a teacher at St Bede's College Prep in Manchester which gives me a wealth of experience in education especially in preparing children for entrance exams to grammar schools. I am experienced in data analysis, having to regularly review results across key stages as well analysing the performance and progression of children with EAL and SEND. I have experience in working on Behaviour Management strategies and policies. I have worked on Safety and Risk in an educational environment. I am experienced in Performance Management, peer observations as well as being observed by peers and governors. I am fluent in French and Spanish. I am a member of the school's marketing team which includes running the school website and social media platforms. I am responsible for photography and filming in the school. Before starting a career in teaching nine years ago I worked as a Sports Journalist and TV Producer. The skills and experience I gained in journalism and TV have been beneficial in my role as a teacher and in marketing St Bede's.

My contribution to the future work of the board would be to offer my skills and experience in education to facilitate any strategic plans for the future the school may propose. I will be able to analyse documents and data given to me by the Board and feedback my objective opinions as a parent and as someone who works in education. I also think my skills, experience and knowledge of media would be of great benefit to the Board and Sale Grammar School in marketing the school and promoting the outstanding practice that is happening everyday. Being a parent with experience both in education and professional media production & journalism gives me a set of skills that would be beneficial to the board and the future strategic plans of Sale Grammar School.


Statement from Dr Sirfraz Hussain

I write this statement with great excitement and enthusiasm at the opportunity to serve ‘our school’ Sale Grammar School as a parent governor.

I live in Altrincham, trained at the University of Manchester and have worked in and around most Manchester hospitals. I have been a full time General Practitioner for the last 15 years leading multidisciplinary teams in providing care for patients and worked in a local Altrincham GP practice for several years. I am involved in the education and training of doctors. I train medical students to become junior doctors, and junior doctors to become General Practitioners. The education process aims to harness the potential of all which links to the appraisals I regularly conduct, comprising the evaluation and ongoing learning/development of General Practitioners.

I am familiar with regulatory bodies and work for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in providing inspections to health care facilities in the community. The CQC is comparable to the role of Ofsted within education and despite being a different regulatory body; the aims and delivery are similar in terms of generating well run, safe and high achieving institutions.

I have been the clinical lead for IV therapies in the successful community pilot for Central Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group, which has now has become an integrated and established service. This experience has certainly given me insight into initiating, launching, developing and evaluating effective major projects.

I was the lead GP for setting up the first General Practice Skype service in the UK and have subsequently given several media interviews including: The Victoria Derbyshire programme, Sky News, Radio Manchester in addition to newspaper articles in ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Manchester Evening News.’ I was nominated and have successful become a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners for services to Primary Care.

In my spare time I love climbing and football and also enjoy assisting at ‘Cornerstones Homeless Shelter’ and I certainly appreciate their delicious apple pie! My extracurricular skills also include CBT and Hypnotherapy and yes I can get you to stop smoking within one hour! However, above all I love spending time with my children, inventing stories, playing games and ‘chillin’.

• I would like to express an interest for this role because I love and cherish my children and most children spent half their life at school.

• I would like to express an interest because I am grateful for having received an education that enabled me to pursue a successful career and I would like to pass that on.

• I would like to express an interest in this role because I take responsibility seriously and always endeavour to give my best.

• I would like to express an interest because my track records demonstrates my ability as someone creative, a problem solver and having the competence to get the job done.

• I would like to express an interest as I believe that I have the necessary skills and enthusiasm to help ensure that ‘our school’ remains effective and becomes even more successful.


Statement from Mr Alan Kelly

I am a father of a boy at Sale Grammar School, as well as two younger children at a local primary school. All of the children are actively involved in local sports clubs, together with a number of other activities. My wife and I are extremely keen to provide our children with the opportunity to develop themselves, whilst also making a contribution to the local community. This is a theme I would like to maintain by taking up a role as a governor.

I am a senior manager within a small insurance company, which is also a mutual society. As a mutual, a key responsibility is to ensure that the needs of a commercial business are balanced with responsibilities of fairness, transparency, and honesty towards our members. This appears to resonate with requirements of governors at Sale Grammar School, and the challenges of maintaining the excellent educational standards of the school in often difficult circumstances.

My professional life has a significant element of teamwork, involving a wide variety of people with diverse skills and backgrounds. Working within a small organisation requires the ability to constructively challenge, whilst also being prepared to accept challenge and new ideas from others.

As a Sale resident, I am fully aware of the vital role played by SGS in the local community, and would welcome the opportunity to support and enhance the reputation of the school.

I would be willing to participate in any of the committees as required, as my major interest is in helping the school to deliver the best possible education for all current and future students.


Statement from Mrs Samina Khan

I am currently working with NHS as administrator and a television journalist as well.

I would love to be a part of board of governors so I can represent the views of parents. On the basis of my experience of working with NHS and media I will be able to contribute in raising the standard of education and environment of the school. I always enjoy working as part of team. I am able to contribute my skills and experience for the betterment of local community and willing to learn from the ideas too.

I will be able to attend meetings so I can be a part of decision making process. As a parent, I understand that good education is important for our children but we have to get them ready for future challenges and for this reason we have to offer healthy and constructive environment.


Statement from Mrs Liz Murphy

My name is Liz Murphy, parent to Daniel Murphy in 7R. I have 2 other sons at St Ambrose College and St Hugh’s Primary School.

I have worked in education administration for a number of years, starting with a brief spell at Sale Grammar as a faculty assistant (and a support staff governor). I now work as an office manager at a large primary school in Old Trafford and am currently studying for a qualification as a School Business Manager. I attend my school’s governor committee meetings and my job involves schools finance, personnel, health and safety, facilities management and admissions.

Most importantly I am mum and feel that I could represent the views of a SGS parent as we have shared values about the education and welfare of our children. I have a great regard for the staff and teachers at SGS and would like to be able to support them in their work in providing the best possible education for our children. I feel that with my experience of working with governors and in schools that I could add value to the Governing Board of Sale Grammar School.


Statement from Dr Alexander Roy

I have lived in Trafford for over 10 years and have 3 children all attending Trafford schools, both primary and secondary, and so have a good understanding of the school system in the borough. I currently work in the strategy department of Manchester Airports Group, where my work includes organisational design, finance, business planning, and working with different people from across the business to help it run more successfully. I previously worked in economic development in the public and private sectors across Manchester for over 15 years, after gaining a PhD in Economics from the University of Leeds. I also have experience of serving on Boards, and for the last three years I have been a Trustee of Victoria Baths in Manchester. Previously I have also been a Director of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies, an economic development charity, and a Governor of The Christie hospital.

Having seen the quality of education provided by SGS and the other Trafford schools my children have attended, I am keen to use my skills and experience to help support SGS, having had the opportunity to support PTA events at my children's primary school. I can bring a strategic perspective to the decisions of the Board and help shape the overall direction of the school, which is the focus of my job and something I have also been able to bring to other Boards. I also have practical experience of business planning, finances, government funding, formulating policies, monitoring targets and developing partnerships, all of which are relevant to the Board.


Statement from Mrs Caroline Royle

In a career spanning 32 years as a police officer within Greater Manchester Police I have developed a wide range of skills and experience which I can summarise as follows:

• 1986 -1990. As a uniformed officer I worked in a number of inner city communities including Wythenshawe, Chorlton and Moss Side. In dealing with people from all walks of life I was able to develop strong communications skills, empathy and an understanding of multiple diverse cultures.

• 1990-1995. During this period I worked in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as a Detective Constable. This gave me exposure to the more serious type of crime but, more importantly, enabled me to develop my investigatory skills which included interview techniques and evidence gathering. Ultimately all evidence was analysed and pulled together to enable a successful prosecution. Also during this period I was seconded to the Child Protection Unit and therefore have experience of child safeguarding issues including the interviewing of children and liaison with Social Services.

• 1995-2015. As a member of both the Regional and Serious Crime Squads I specialised in drug trafficking which covers the whole spectrum from simple possession through to supply and importation. In particular this enabled me to develop my surveillance and leadership skills as I took the lead on a number of proactive investigations. In addition, I was involved in investigating fraud, robbery, murder, sexual assaults and more recently Human Trafficking.

• 2015-2016. My final placement prior to retirement was within the Organised Crime Co-ordination Unit (OCCU). There were two additional key learning areas for me in this role, namely it was a brand new unit and I was proactively involved in its development and secondly the success of the unit was dependent upon building relationships with numerous partnership agencies. In addition, although I had been used to working as an internal team member within the police force this role enabled me to develop my team working skills across a wider multi-agency team.

In parallel with my police career I have undertaken a number of community based part-time roles and I am currently a registered chaperone for Trafford and I practice at The Halle Youth Choir and Oldham Theatre Workshop. In addition, I am the Safeguarding Officer for Altrincham Netball Club and manage The Year 5 Mosquitoes Netball Team. More recently I have become a volunteer at Timperley Duke Of Edinburgh scheme and I am currently exploring with SGS whether we could make this more accessible to SGS pupils.

Leading on from the above I believe I have all the necessary core skills and experience to make a positive contribution to the future work of the board.

The school’s values and vision outlines the direction for both students learning and development and also the school’s place at the heart of the community. I believe I can make a positive contribution to both of these because:

• I have the passion and desire to help the younger generation. More specifically, by applying my life skills and vast experience I can help the students avoid making the mistakes of their predecessors and peers and become confident, creative and aspirational individuals.

• I have the honesty, integrity, objectivity and energy to help the school in its aim to touch all ages in the community by contributing to a number of individual community engagement programmes that the Board supports. In addition, I have extensive experience of working within a team environment and enjoy working as part of a wider team.