At Sale Grammar School creativity and innovation are central to the school ethos. We believe the arts are intrinsically valuable. They help young people to build purposeful and fulfilling lives and can be used as a means to motivate, inspire and improve self esteem. 

Learning in the arts facilitates the integration of skills from different areas of human potential, promotes multi-sensory learning and the development of multiple intelligences and transferable skills including ICT, critical analysis, research, communication, team building and higher-order thinking skills. As a whole school initiative, we aim to:

  • Use the arts as a vehicle to raise standards in teaching & learning through the provision of a diverse, challenging & creative curriculum.
  • Develop students' understanding of the role of the arts within society.
  • Use the arts to promote life - long learning & enable students to become more thoughtful & responsible citizens.

Promote collaboration, celebration and achievement in the arts through a programme of outreach activities involving partner schools, community groups, business organisations and institutions of higher education.