Remote Access

Sale Grammar School Remote Desktop Services allows Staff and Students access to a virtual school computer while connected to the internet at home. Additionally, Sixth Form students can access the system through the BYOD (Bring your own device) wireless network inside school.

To access the system you will need to follow the instructions shown below. Although the system is primarily designed to be accessed by Microsoft operating systems, Macintosh users can also access the system using a different method described in ‘Remote Desktop Services User Instructions for Macintosh or iPad’ which can also be found below. 

Staff Intranet

When logging in please ensure you use your username and password assigned to you for the Sale Grammar School ICT network.

Login Here

Remote Desktop Services

When logging in please ensure you use your username and password assigned to you for the Sale Grammar School ICT network.

As this system requires the input of accurate login information, it is highly recommended that you read the detailed instructions contained below before you access the system for the first time. It is also advisable to check the instructions on a regular basis for essential update information.

Login Here

Detailed instructions for Macintosh or iPad users, please click here

Ranger Portico

Access your school files remotely, from anywhere and at any time!

With the Sale Grammar School Ranger Portico Service, you can forget about the frustrating time and effort involved in transporting files from school to home - and back again.

The Sale Grammar School Ranger Portic Service provides a secure and easy-to-use file transfer solution. And because it is web based, it is no longer operating system specific.

Ranger Portico provides secure remote access with no need for additional hardware or software, only an internet connection. It allows you to access school resources from home or anywhere with an internet connection and to submit homework remotely.

Click here to login to the Sale Grammar Ranger Portico portal using your school user details.

Page Documents Date  
Ranger Portico Help.pdf 15th Jul 2015 Download
Sale Grammar School Remote Desktop Servi... 06th Oct 2017 Download

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