Activity 7

Hello year 6/7! Here is your final induction challenge!


Write yourself a schedule/timetable for all your activities before and after school, on a poster, that you could attach to a wall in your bedroom to remind you to try and stick to it. It could be a daily or weekly schedule. You could decorate it with pictures of each activity.


You could include:

  • What time you need to get up each day
  • What time you need to leave the house (so that you arrive at school for 8:25am)
  • What Time you will arrive home
  • Allocated time to do homework (aim for one hour each day)
  • Allocated time to help with chores
  • Quality time with family
  • Tea time
  • Clubs/classes you attend outside of school (include these even you aren’t sure whether they’re starting just yet)
  • “Free time” for seeing friends or leisure activities e.g. TV, games (this could just be any time you haven’t allocated).
  • Anything else you can think of!


You don’t need to include everything on the list each day, and could add ideas of your own if you like.


Feel free to send your schedules to me at as I’d love to see your work!


Enjoy the last week of the summer holidays and I’m looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday!


Mrs Skelland