Why Study History? 

•  Simply because you love it – a genuine interest and passion in the subject is a must!

•  The skills you acquire, such as research skills and    the    ability   to    construct    supporte d arguments and answers, are highly valued by employers and universities.

•  History feeds into a wide range of careers and professions e.g. law, journalism, accountancy, human resources, a wide variety of graduate schemes and, of course, teaching!

•  Enjoy reading about the subject.

•  Its reputation – it is viewed as one of the most rigorous  and  academic  A-Levels by universities.

•  The Year 13 Historical Investigation (NEA) will help you prepare for university life and independent study.

Our Department 

•  Staffed  by  four  History  graduates  who  love their subject!

    •  Teaches the AQA History A-Level.

• Well  stocked  with  textbooks  specifically written for A-Level examinations, with plenty of additional reading material available also.

We offer two different A-Level History Courses:


Course 1: Conflict


HIS1C The Tudors:

England, 1485 - 1603




Taught by Miss Mattox

HIS2K America:

A Nation Divided,



Taught by Miss


Unit 3 Historical Investigation (NEA) Coursework – approximately 3500 words covering

the causes of the First World War

20% of A-Level

Completed throughout Year 13

Course 2: Power and People


HIS1H Tsarist and

Communist Russia,




HIS2M Wars and

Welfare Britain in

Transition 1906-1957



Unit 3 Historical Investigation (NEA) Coursework – approximately 3500 words covering

the Tudor dynasty

Completed throughout Year 13

Course Requirement 

•    Minimum  of  a  Grade  6  in GCSE  History  or  a similar subject (English, Geography, GCSE RS).

     •    A committed, hardworking approach.

•    Willingness to read widely, with no aversion to writing essays or producing  lots of detailed notes!

     •    Participation in seminar style lessons.

Need more Information? 


•    Miss    Wilkinson    –    Head     of    Humanities

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