Travelling To and From School


Throughout the induction process, our Year 7 team make it a priority to ensure that every student feels confident travelling to and from school. Your child’s Form Tutor will discuss walking safely to school and the importance of walking with a “buddy” who lives nearby, even if they aren’t a friend. We consistently enforce road safety, and welcome contact from parents and members of the public if they observe students being particularly safe or unsafe on the local roads.

If your child ever has any difficulty getting home (train cancellation, lift not arrived) there will always be a member of staff on hand to help and ensure that they get home safely. Please encourage your child to speak to any member of staff in school if they are unsure of how to get home, and not to leave the school premises until any issues are resolved.

Travelling by bicycle

Students may wish to travel to school by bicycle. We have a bicycle store on site, however it is essential that students secure their bicycle with a good quality bike lock. If you would like your child to ride their bicycle to school, please visit our Travel Information page to complete the electronic form giving consent.

Travelling by Public Transport

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has a proof-of-age card that allows young people to pay the ‘child fare’ when travelling on public transport. Please visit our Travel Information page for further details.

Travelling by Metrolink

Sale Grammar School is just a 5 minute walk from Brooklands Metrolink stop. A large proportion of our students travel to and from school by tram, so in instances where your child has to travel alone, we advise that they look out for anyone wearing the Sale Grammar School uniform and stay close to them. It may be useful for you to practice the route with your child before September so that they are confident with where to go. Please also discuss with your child what to do if a tram is cancelled on their way to or from school.

Travelling by bus

Sale Grammar School does not have a private bus service, rather, bus operators include Sale Grammar School into their routes for use by students. Details of buses that travel to and from Sale Grammar School and their associated timetables can be found here.