Year 12 Professional Work Placement

During Active Learning Week, Year 12 students are offered the opportunity to undertake a meaningful Professional Work Placement to support them in their career choices and applications for university, apprenticeships or employment.

Relevant work experience is increasingly viewed as an essential part of any application in the competitive worlds of Higher Education and the workplace; indeed, it could well be work experience that tips the balance of one candidate over the other. Therefore, in order to support our students in achieving their future career goals, we expect them to organise a Professional Work Placement during the last week of Year 12.  

There are many benefits to students in completing a Professional Work Placement, such as: 

  • To enable students to obtain relevant experience in a field that is related to a career or university course they are considering applying to 
  • To enhance UCAS or job applications by being able to evidence commitment and interest in a particular career or subject 
  • To help students see the relevance of their academic subjects in the world of work 
  • To decide whether or not a particular career or university course is the right for the individual 
  • To help students continue to develop greater self-confidence and maturity. 

Year 12 students are expected to find suitable placements for themselves and we would very much appreciate parental help in organising placements and utilising any personal contacts you may have.

As the safety of our students on their Professional Work Placement is very important to us, we work with Mploy Solutions, a company who undertakes health and safety checks on our behalf. We will therefore be working with Mploy Solutions’ new MAPS platform. Students have been issued login and password details for this and booklets containing guidance for both parents/carers and employers – the steps students, parents/carers and placements need to complete to finalise a placement are explained in these booklets.

If you have any questions after reading the literature, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Milligan, Sixth Form Administrator, on 0161 973 3217 or via email at

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Year 12 PWP Booklet for Students and Par... 14th Jan 2020 Download
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