SGS 1200 Club

SGS 1200


The SGS 1200 Club is a lottery organised by the PTA, which runs from September to August every academic year.

The aim of the 1200 Club is to generate additional funds for the benefit of the students - and as the School has around 1200 students, the Club was named in the hope that each family would subscribe by purchasing at least one number every academic year.

Apart from raising valuable funds to enhance your children's education, the SGS 1200 Club gives YOU an opportunity of winning cash prizes!


The SGS 1200 Club runs according to the academic year, from September to August.

A full annual subscription costs £24 per number, but you are welcome to join at any time in the year on a pro rata basis (£2 per month remaining).

There is no limit to how many numbers you can buy.

Depending on the date of joining, members' numbers are entered into up to 12 monthly draws (which normally take place at the monthly PTA meetings).

Please note that a subscription is for one academic year only; you will need to re-join every year to continue as a member.


The total prize fund varies from year to year depending on the level of membership, but is generally between £100 and £150 per month.

Based on the current membership level, monthly prizes will be as follows:

1st Prize:  £50        2nd Prize:  £30        3rd Prize:  £20

If membership increases during the year, the prizes will be increased accordingly.

Notification letters and cheques will be posted to winners' home addresses following each monthly draw.


Letters regarding subscription are sent to parents via SchoolComms periodically, especially in the first term of a new academic year.  However you are welcome to subscribe at any time. After the first draws, membership is offered on a pro-rata basis, for £2 per month remaining.

Your lottery number(s) will be advised by email.

The quickest and easiest way to subscribe is to pay online via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service; simply use the facility at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, you may pay by cheque or via Standing Order.

To pay by cheque, please download and complete a subscription form, which can be found at the bottom of this page, and send it to the PTA at School with a cheque made payable to Sale Grammar School PTA.

To pay via Standing Order, please send an email to  requesting a standing order form. Once received please complete a subscription form and a Standing Order instruction; return the subscription form to the PTA at School and send your Standing Order instruction to your bank. Alternatively, you may wish to set up your Standing Order via online banking, in which case you can consult the SO form for the PTA account details, and just send us the subscription form to indicate what you have done.


Congratulations to our latest winners:


1st [48] Linda Britch £50
2nd [104] Jude Cosh £30
3rd [20] Alan Harrison £20

JULY 2019

1st [146] Hanna Rutjes £50
2nd [17] Martin McCoy £30
3rd [40] Teresa Hopley £20

JUNE 2019

1st [126] Paul Robertson £50
2nd [38] Nichole Burton £30
3rd [8] Andrew Bowyer £20

MAY 2019

1st [49] Julie Spinks £50
2nd [37] Jennifer Saunders £30
3rd [19] Alan Harrison £20

APRIL 2019

1st [114] Janet Stevens £50
2nd [13] Jackie Till £30
3rd [147] Elspeth Wolstencroft £20

MARCH 2019

1st [5) Chris Thexton  £50
2nd [63] David Downs  £30
3rd [18] Susan Cook  £20


1st [52] Gabrielle Campbell  £50
2nd [33] Nicolette Hilton  £30
3rd [111] Lorna Stewart  £20


1st [37] Jennifer Saunders  £50
2nd [62] Nicholas Bushby  £30
3rd [26] Noaman Malik  £20


1st [115] Sarah Chadwick  £50
2nd [36] Sharon Meacock  £30
3rd [97] Kate Naylor  £20


1st  [33] Nicolette Hilton  £50
2nd  [67]  Richard Ousey  £30
3rd  [97] Karen Driver  £20


1st  [137]  Paul Hardwick  £50
2nd  [134] Richard Johnston   £30
3rd  [29]  Noaman Malik  £20


1st  [123]  Andrew Braithwaite  £50
2nd  [12]  Jackie Till  £30
3rd  [67] Richard Ousey  £20


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