E-Safety Information

We believe that as students of Sale Grammar School, you need the knowledge, skills and tools to understand and harness the power of the Internet.

When you use the Internet in school, you and your parents can be assured that through our security and filtering technologies, your browsing will be safe and secure. However, when you are browsing the Internet at home, things may not be as safe and secure.

Always think : WISE

W - Why would a website or someone you make friends with on the Internet need your personal information?


I - Be inspired! The Internet offers great tools for learning, discovering and creating.


S - Be secure. There are constantly new scams, hoaxes, viruses and spyware on the Internet. Install security software to keep your computer and data safe.


E - Evaluate what you read, see or receive through the Internet. Just because its on the Internet does not make it true, reliable or genuine. inspired! The Internet offers great tools for learning, discovering and creating.






At Sale Grammar School, we have a policy in place for acceptable Internet use by both staff and students of our IT resources. Click here to view the policy. If you are concerned about something that may have happened while online you can now report it to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. You are doing the right thing and by taking this action you may not only help yourself but also help make other people safer as well.

Below are some web sites about Internet safety that you might find useful.

Think You Know - for students
Wise Kids
Be Safe Online
Kid Smart
Get Safe Online

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