Here at Sale Grammar School, we are committed to developing individuals who are curious lifelong learners and we support our students in fulfilling this aim by providing them with a rich offer both within and outside of our classrooms. We want our students to be curious about the world around them, and there is no better way to embrace this than to read!

As part of our commitment to Reading, all students across each Key Stage are engaged in a Form Time Reading Programme, and each subject area also advertises texts which are relevant to their curriculum through their subject libraries. In addition to this, our library leaders have created an innovative outdoor library where students can borrow a range of Fiction and Non-Fiction books, and we also advertise a 'book of the week' to all students, through our form time notices. 

In addition to this, and to demonstrate our continued commitment to promoting Reading for Pleasure, we have acted on feedback from our Library Leaders and now have our own online library which contains both e-books and audiobooks! Please click the icon below to access this.

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