Over the course of this academic year, our students in Years 7-11 have been involved in a shared reading programme during form time. Students have been reading a range of different books and discussing these with their peers. The books have been well received and students in Years 7-9 have written some wonderful reviews about each of the books that they have read.

Due to the pandemic, the school library has not been able to open to all students and this has meant that books have not been as readily available to everyone. Our Student Library Leaders have been doing a wonderful job to continue to promote reading across the school, and our Reading groups have also continued to meet and shared some excellent books.

Feedback form our Library Leaders provided us with the idea of ensuring that all our students could access E-Books whilst the library area was not as accessible to all, and as a result of this idea, we are pleased to announce that all students are now able to access the Sale Grammar School E-Library which contains both e-books and audiobooks! Please click the icon below to access ebooks..

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