Student Support

Sale Grammar School provides a friendly, supportive environment and is committed to helping you get the most out of the challenges and opportunities that your time with us brings.

The welfare of every one of you is of paramount importance to us and we believe that you all have a right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment. Safeguarding is about ensuring that everyone is safe from harm - safe from bullying, safe from people who could abuse, safe from discrimination or harassment - and that we all feel safe in our environment.

Most teenagers experience emotional ups and downs at some point whilst they are at secondary school. This is entirely normal and an important part of growing up.  

If you have a concern about your safety or well-being or about another student, you should always talk to someone such as a parent/carer, and/or a member of staff at school such as your Form Tutor, Head of Progress and Learning or a member of the Safeguarding Team - we are all here to help and support you.

Talking about a problem helps, and if the problem cannot be resolved by the member of staff that you have talked to, they will find other people to help. 

We also have a school counsellor and a school nurse - who are both available to help you, whatever your problem may be.  Ask to be referred to these if you would like some support from them.

The resources below offer additional advice and information on a range of issues, which we hope you find helpful.

Exam stress

Exam time is upon us and what is for many young people a stressful time. Here are some key links, covering a wide-range of tips to keep mentally healthy.

All The Revision and Exam Tips You’ll Ever Need

Exam Stress and Pressure (Childline)

Countdown to exams (BBC Bitesize)

Supporting Your Child During Exam Time (Young Minds)




Free and anonymous online counselling and support for 11-18 year olds.

Open 12pm to 10pm, 365 days a year - staffed by qualified counsellors and psychotherapists.


Talkshop is a specialist advice and information service for young people aged between 13 and 19 years old. Based at Sale Waterside, they aim to support the needs of young people through offering a variety of services in a young person friendly environment
0161 912 2453



Talk to Frank

Talk To Frank Friendly, Confidential drugs advice
0300 123 6600


Phoenix-futuresPhoenix Futures The Charity that is confident about recovery’s-service
0161 905 1013



Friends, Family & Home

NSPCCThe UK Children’s Charity
0808 800 500


Sexual Health & Wellbeing

BrookSexual health & wellbeing for under 25s

LGBT Support

The_proud_trustThe Proud Trust
07813 981338

42nd Street
0161 228 7321


At Home

  • Achieve a balance between school work and hobbies and things you enjoy doing, sports, music, art etc.
  • Don’t take mobile devices to your bedroom when you are going to sleep.
  • Try to eat well, keep hydrated.
  • Sleep well, try and maintain regular sleeping habits.
  • Talk to your parents/carers.
  • Talk to your friends.


In School

Talk to someone, your form tutor, your Head of Progress and Learning, or a trusted member of staff.

  • You can ask for a referral to the school nurse at Student Services, or one of the counsellors employed by the school.


What Can I Talk to My School Nurse About?

  • Healthy eating and exercise
  • Growing up
  • Medical conditions
  • Immunisations
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Local support groups
  • Family distress
  • Bullying
  • Drugs
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Relationships and sex
  • Or any other health matter that is worrying you.