Years 12 and 13


The target grade reflects expectations for the end of the A Level course.


The attainment grade indicates whether your son/daughter is on course to meet expectations for that particular subject, given their target grade. 

The attainment grade reflects the teacher's judgement of what they feel the student will achieve by the end of the course, given their current level of progress.


Attitude to Learning, Behaviour and Extension Study

A judgement is also made in the crucial areas of: attitude to learning, behaviour and extension study.  (Note: We refer to extension study rather than homework as we believe this very important aspect of learning should be completed wherever best suits the individual student).

These judgements are reported as:

O         Outstanding

G          Good

RI         Requires Improvement

As with attainment, the standards at Sale Grammar School are extremely high and we are fortunate in that a good attitude to learning, exemplary behaviour and a commitment to quality extension study is the norm.  Therefore, the judgement of ‘Outstanding’ is reserved for those students whose performance in these areas has been consistently over and above that of their peers.

Ks5 report