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The AQA course aims to stimulate curiosity and creativity through Art.  It allows students to develop the skills to explore, create and communicate their own ideas through investigation of themes or starting points.  Examples of themes from previous years have been as broad ranging as ‘Strange and Fantastic Beasts’, ‘Collections’ and ‘Light and Dark’.  This course provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of techniques and materials giving students a greater understanding of the visual language of Art and Design.  Skills will be demonstrated through the development, refinement, recording, realisation and presentation of their ideas.    Emphasis within the mark scheme is on demonstrating creative personal ideas in a practical experience through art work, handling art media skillfully and selectively.


Art and Design

We offer a broad-based practical Art and Design course intended to provide students with the opportunity to work with a wide range of media and learn different processes and techniques - for example: clay, print, stitch, collage, wire and drawing.  Students will be taught how to generate ideas and how to use practical art to research and develop ideas with independence, using existing artists work to inspire their decision making.  Students who study Art and Design are learners who are curious and who become independently confident and creative. 


Outline of Course

Component 1 Portfolio 60%          

The portfolio requires students to submit two projects of practical work. They are assessed on their ability to develop an idea from conception to completion through a creative journey of investigation.  Students will be taught how to research and analyse artists work to inspire their ideas, to draw for different purposes whilst recording or developing an idea, and to experiment with a wide variety of media whilst developing their idea. Emphasis is on the integration of these elements through creative practical work supported by annotation. Starting points for the projects are set by the teacher.


Component 2 Externally Set Assignment 40%

AQA will set a selection of starting themes. Students will have a period of preparatory time in which to research and develop their chosen theme through a practical project. This will be followed by an exam time of 10 hours in which students create a final piece of work.


At the end of the course every student will be required to put up an exhibition of their work, including sketchbooks. This exhibition, together with the Externally Set Assignment, will determine the grade awarded to each student. 

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