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Non-examination assessment - Practical investigation



The Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE focuses on practical cooking skills and will develop students’ understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food. Students will learn about British and international culinary traditions, food security and food safety. At the heart of this course lies a focus on developing high quality practical cookery skills, a strong understanding of nutrition, diet and health and a knowledge of the chemical and sensory properties of foods. Ingredients will need to be provided from home and the food prepared in lessons used as part of family meals.


Areas of study will include:

  • Food Preparation Skills
  • Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Food Safety
  • Food Science
  • Food Provenance
  • Food Choice


Assessment of Food Preparation and Nutrition


  • Single written examination paper, 1hr 45 minutes duration, accounting for 50% total marks. The course is linear and all assessments take place in Year 11.
  • Two non-examination assessments accounting for 50% of the course:
  • A practical investigation and the 2000-word write-up of the investigation – approximately 10 hours accounting for 15% total marks
  • A written portfolio which is based on a set theme and details the planning of dishes for a 3-hour practical during which three high quality dishes have to be prepared. In addition to subject knowledge this assessment also tests organisation, planning and technical cooking skills. Approximately 20 hours are allocated to the assessment accounting for 35% total marks.