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Geography at GCSE provokes interest, demands enquiry and offers challenge. Students who follow this course develop a wide range of transferable skills including:

  • Highly developed analytical skills through graphical and cartographical applications
  • Confident communication skills through debate and discussion
  • Problem solving and decision-making skills through enquiry and investigation


Students follow a two-year course that addresses a wide range of relevant and important geographical issues. 




Assessment is based on three examinations at the end of Year 11.

Paper 1 - Physical Geography (35% of the GCSE)

Study areas include:

  • The Challenge of Natural Hazards
  • The Living World
  • Physical Landscapes in the UK

Paper 2 – Human Geography (35% of the GCSE)

Study areas include:

  • Urban Issues and Challenges
  • The Changing Economic World
  • The Challenge of Resource Management

Paper 3 – Applied Geography (30% of the GCSE)

Study areas include:

  • Issue Evaluation
  • Skills

Fieldwork enquiry (this will involve two geography field trips over the two-year course, one in a physical environment and one in a human environment).