Physical Education

Exam Board

Edexcel (Pearson)

Assessed by

Non-examination assessment - Practical examinations

Written examination


The course followed is the EDEXCEL Physical Education and consists of:


Practical Performance Component – 40%


During the course, the students will cover a variety of activities including badminton, basketball, athletics, hockey, netball, football and rugby. There may also be opportunity for swimming, climbing and trampolining amongst other activities.


Students are assessed for sporting ability and they must have sport specific knowledge, to demonstrate ways of improving performance. It is expected that students will have a very good standard of fitness and a high skill level in at least three of the sports covered.


Assessment of the practical component:


30%    Students are assessed on their performance in three activities; at least one must be a team activity, one must be individual activity, the final activity can be a free choice.

            Students will be assessed against set assessment criteria.


10%    Students must complete a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) which involves:

  • Aim and planning analysis
  • Carrying out and monitoring the PEP
  • Evaluation of the PEP


If students have an area of expertise that is not covered within school time, they can still choose to be assessed in that activity.


Written Examination – 60% (to be taken at the end of Year 11)

Classroom based theory lessons will develop knowledge of anatomy, physiology, sports injuries, fitness training, diet, safety and a wide range of contemporary issues.



It is strongly advised that students selecting this course are participating in at least 2 sports at school and/or club level.


To complement GCSE Physical Education, students must take an active role in sport outside school hours, making full use of extra-curricular clubs.


If the course becomes oversubscribed then the following criteria will be used as a guide for selection:

  • Commitment to PE during Key Stage 3 – attitude, organisation, attendance and punctuality.
  • Commitment to at least three activities at a competitive level (in or out of school).