Skills for Life

In Skills for Life at Key Stage 4, students undertake a range of topics through individual study and assemblies to support their preparation for life during and beyond school.


Topics covered are:


  • Work Related Learning, including: careers guidance, revision strategies, post-16 advice, work experience preparation and job interview preparation.
  • Personal Finance
  • Sex & Healthy Relationships.
  • CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)
  • Managing Stress and Building Emotional Resilience
  • Human Rights
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Power and Politics


SFL at Key Stage 4 greatly supports students’ transition to life beyond school, whilst equipping them with essential skills, knowledge and experience to be successful and productive citizens.


How students are assessed in SFL?


In addition to Interim reports, some of the ways they will be assessed are:

  • Through questions and answers – in class discussions
  • Through conversations with their teacher – both in and out of lessons
  • Through comments in their SFL exercise books
  • Through a value continuum
  • Through peer assessment
  • Through self-assessment
  • Through production of displays


Some of the ways they will be given strategies to improve:

  • By having conversations with their teachers
  • By asking for help when they are unsure
  • By talking about their work with others and identifying ways to improve


How do they know they have made progress?

  • Their teachers and peers will tell them when they get things right
  • They will get postcards home and hall points
  • They will get good feedback in their books and during lessons