Head Boy and Head Girl

Picture2One aim truly underpins my role as head girl, and that is to give back to Sale Grammar School. Our motto, ‘Aspire, Act, Achieve’ perfectly describes the way in which the school aids and encourages its students to prosper both academically and in the extensive extracurricular activities offered. Throughout my time at Sale Grammar, my aptitude for learning has only further developed as I have been able to explore my interests both inside the classroom and outside whilst taking part in a wide range of enrichment activities, such as the Bar Mock Trial or CREST projects. These opportunities, which are presented to all students, have pushed me to take my own initiative; last year, for example, I created a Debating Society in which I was able to chair numerous topical debates. I now have the privilege of representing Sale Grammar School, a community which I am immensely proud to be a part of. This year I am keen to emphasise the importance of student participation in all aspects of community, bridging the gap between academic ability and self-belief. In my role, I hope to uphold our ethos whilst working closely with the rest of the student leadership team to sustain the positive environment that I have been so lucky to benefit from, and will continue to benefit from in my future studies and beyond. The most interesting perception of leadership I have come across is the idea that leaders are most successful when they are able to empower others, and this is a philosophy I will maintain during my time as head girl. 

Head Girl - Sara 

DSC 0029 (2) 648x613As head boy, I prioritise the academic success of each student, aiming to guide them in the direction towards commitment to learning and a healthy attitude in order to achieve greatness. I’m not just here as a student, but also a friend. I will always try my absolute best to accommodate to each and every pupil to ensure that at Sale, everyone feels at home. As a reliable member of this school, I am adamant on making Sale a safe space for all and continue to work towards creating a fun and engaging environment, where everyone feels included. I want to build a foundation for all and motivate students in becoming the best versions of themselves- through mental-health assistance, support groups and further care and further education into social injustices. I’m a strong advocate for mental health and hope to use my position as head boy to establish a grounded space for anyone struggling. 

Having previously been a sixth form leader for the year 10 school council and currently being one of the medical society leaders I feel that through joining Sale grammar, I have greatly improved my leadership skills - as it has allowed me to become a member within a community that trusts and has faith in me to guide them towards a life of joy, self-love, and triumph. I hope to not only further the school academically, but guarantee that every student within this great establishment is able to thrive in every area of their life. This is an institution full of life and potential, and with me as head boy, I want everyday to be a celebration for the hardworking, valuable students of Sale.

Head Boy - Samuel