Head Boy and Head Girl

What truly distinguishes Sale Grammar is not its excellent results, phenomenal staff or amazing facilities, but its sense of community. For the last 8 years I have had the privilege to engage in so many aspects of this community. For me, arguably the most significant has been the Arts. Whilst at Sale Grammar, I have come from a novice who enjoyed to sing, to a well-rounded performer and musician, taking part in competitions, such as Battle of the Bands or Young Musician, graded examinations, and school productions of Oklahoma and Les Misérables, to mention a few, all of which would have been impossible without the tutelage and support of the staff and, in fact, the students, at Sale. While my ability as a sportsperson certainly leaves a little to be desired, I have tried my hand at that too, namely in the school rugby team. I have also been pushed academically, far beyond what I would have ever expected - and these opportunities are presented to each and every student at Sale. Recently, for instance, I began running a Philosophy Academic Enrichment programme for Year 12 students and participated in the 2019 mock election. All of this, at least in my opinion, demonstrates one simple and salient thing; community. I have had the privilege of getting to know students past and present throughout the school and, of course, I am biased, but I genuinely believe our school delivers thoughtful, rounded and hard-working students unlike any other. I could not even imagine having gone to any other school and I am so grateful to have been able to go to Sale Grammar.

Nathan Spellman - Head Boy


I have been at Sale Grammar School for 8 years and ever since my first day in Year 7, I have loved being a part of the school community. The staff at SGS are the most welcoming and dedicated teachers who are always on hand to help and support their students in their schoolwork. This creates a great environment and community in which to work and learn every day. SGS has fantastic facilities available for students including a gym, sports hall and a P.E. Lab, as well 3 Computer rooms, science labs and a range of equipment for art and D&T. One of my favourite things about Sale Grammar is that there is always something going on to get involved in. Pupils can also take part in a wide variety of competitions to win points for their hall. I really enjoyed taking part in these contests throughout the year, from sporting events to the SGS bake off to various art competitions. The fight to become the winning hall at the end of the year becomes really competitive and sports day is always a highlight of the school calendar. I feel that all the incredible opportunities such as leadership roles and the variety of extra-curricular activities made available at Sale Grammar have made me a better student and I will continue to benefit from them in the future. 

Amelie Pearce - Head Girl